Marketers face a challenge when writing text that has the objective of boosting conversions. They need to find words that get prospects interested enough to read the ad/article/tweet, and then click the CTA.

Using copywriters is one way to get there, yet even the best wordsmith doesn’t always know precisely the right terms that will maximize conversion for the greatest number of readers. Getting the optimal copy is often a matter of experimentation and testing to see what works best. 

But there are some tricks of the trade to get there more easily, and more quickly. Try the 3 tips below, and watch the conversions roll in!

1.     Power Words

Ad copy should educate, convince, and lead to action. Two great ways to keep readers reading is by evoking emotions and creating curiosity.

Power words have been proven (through lots of experience) to accomplish these objectives. There are literally hundreds of them, but one way of picking power words is by translating “flat” words into terms that are dramatic and eye-catching. For example: “Ad copy should educate, convince, and lead to action” could be “Ad copy should fascinate, entice, and inspire.”

Other proven power words to play with: 

  • “You” (creates a personal, psychological connection)
  • “Try” or “Learn” (sounds softer/non-committal for those not ready to buy)
  • “Grow” (lets you show how they will benefit from your offering)
  • “Love” (the ultimate power word—stronger and more compelling than “like”)

2. Action Language 

CTAs are a marketing science all by themselves. Without them, an engaged prospect will not have an immediate idea of how to proceed – and trust me, they won’t do any digging to find out on their own. 

A CTA points a prospect towards the sales funnel, and needs to convince readers to take a non-threatening step in about four words. So avoid decision fatigue with simple, straightforward, and powerful language. 

For example: Selling soap? CTA: “Order your handmade soap now.” Selling real estate? CTA: “Find your dream home with us.” Selling a spa package? CTA: “Treat yourself today.”

Basically, your CTA should focus on one of the following:

  • Demonstrating value immediately
  • Getting discounts, free stuff, a free trial
  • Viewing informative material, speaking with a rep
  • Receiving a limited-time offer

3. AI Copywriting Tools

Nowadays, there’s actually no need to guess, publish, analyze, and iterate all by yourself when it comes to writing compelling copy. The past couple of years have brought about a huge shift, and AI has now become a really great tool for writing effective copy.

Sound a bit Matrix-y or Terminator? That’s not remotely close to reality. AI isn’t your rival, and it’s not going to replace you. It’s a teammate!

Using artificial intelligence eliminates a lot of the hard work. Armed with big data about the best content and style for generating conversions, AI creates text that increases the chance of success. There are even platforms that offer a predictive performance score and can forecast how well ad copy will sell or convert, even before it is published.

It all happens faster than the lonely marketer using non-AI methods, and eliminates the guesswork. 

AI Copy Can Help Your Bottom Line

AI makes things faster by: 1) ensuring that you have the perfect text for each individual channel; 2) saving you time by creating multiple variations; and 3) generating ideas for effective copy if you’re drawing a blank. Plus, with the right AI copywriting platform, you can automate text creation with only a few words as input.

For example, Anyword has built an AI copywriting platform that generates copy for you, including multiple variations with a single click, and customized for different media channels. It can create effective landing page copy as well as ad copy for Facebook, Google, native channels, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It can also generate email subject lines, and help you write blog posts.  

Anyword is based on the analysis of millions of dollars worth of ad spend, which helps make sure that your copy has a great chance of converting every time. It even gives copy variations a Predictive Performance Score to help you pick just the right message from the multiple options that it generates. 

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