We’re excited to roll out a powerful new feature for marketers: an AI custom model that learns from your data across various channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Instagram, and more. Using Anyword’s AI custom model, you can create content that sounds like your brand, anywhere you write.

By using your actual data to train this AI custom model, Anyword ensures it captures your brand’s voice, tone, and language accurately. This method avoids the generic feel of typical AI-generated content, allowing you to use Anyword to create content that sounds just like your brand.

How It Works

Assume you’re the social media manager responsible for HubSpot’s Facebook page, facing the challenge of creating engaging posts that align perfectly with your existing brand voice. Here’s how Anyword’s AI custom model can help you, detailed in a three-step process:

  1. Integrations with Your Existing Channels and Collecting Data: The journey begins with a seamless, single-click integration of Anyword with your Facebook account. You can integrate any of your Meta, Linkedin, Hubspot.

2. Training an AI custom model: With the data collected, we then move to train an AI custom model specifically for HubSpot’s Facebook page. This involves fine-tuning the model to grasp and mimic the nuances of your brand’s tone, ensuring the content it produces is authentic to your brand and engaging for your target audience.

3. Content Creation Aligned with Your Brand Voice: Empowered by the AI custom model, You can now generate content that replicates the writing style of your best performing content. This final step guarantees that each Facebook post aligns with HubSpot’s identity. The result is authentic content that resonates with your audience in a voice they trust.

Embracing the Future of Marketing with AI custom model

Anyword’s AI custom model is a game-changer for marketing teams looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded digital space. This innovative tool sets your brand apart by generating AI-driven content that truly sounds like it came from you, not a robot, trained on your best performance content. By capturing your unique brand voice and essence, Anyword enables you to craft messages that resonate on a personal level with your audience. The result? Content that not only stands out but also fosters a deeper connection with your customers.

In a world where digital noise is everywhere, Anyword’s AI custom model is your secret weapon to cut through the clutter and make your brand’s voice heard, loud and clear. Train an AI custom model today.

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