What if we told you that it was even easier to create, edit, and tweak content of all types with Anyword?

Meet Anywords new “Documents”, your one-stop-shop for our AI copywriting tools. Now you can generate data-driven copy and use our basic copywriting Use Cases all in one place, providing you with even more flexibility. Want to create a Facebook Ad headline and Tweet in one location? Now you can! And don’t worry, you still have access to all of our custom templates, rewrite, and personas features. It’s everything you love about Anyword in one, easy-to-use location!

Anyword’s Documents makes it that much easier for you to create content freely and easily. For more details, check out our explainer videos below.

And to ease the transition, we’ve turned all of your existing projects into documents. All of your generated variations automatically show up in the List View, and any saved variations are waiting for you in the Document View. So you can jump back into any old project and keep generating with ease.

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