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Meet Blazeo 

Blazeo (formerly ApexChat) is an ad conversion platform laser-focused on helping local businesses thrive. Their suite of products and services includes lead capture, qualification, appointment setting, and contract signing, leveraging tools like live chat, voice call centers, virtual assistants, and SMS. Founded 15 years ago in San Ramon, California, Blazeo has recently rebranded and grown to over 400 employees across several offices and remote locations worldwide.

The Challenge: Managing and Future Proofing Content Demands

Jason Levy, Blazeo’s Marketing Manager, faced significant challenges as his marketing team evolved. Initially a one-person operation, Levy struggled to meet the content demands for all of Blazeo’s integrated marketing campaigns. As the team grew, the challenge shifted to efficiently onboarding new members and ensuring consistent, high-quality content across all channels. Levy needed a solution to handle these hurdles at every stage. That’s when he discovered Anyword.

The Solution: Leveraging AI for Scalable Content 

Part 1: Scaling content, fast

Onboarding Anyword was as easy as connecting it to Blazeo’s marketing platforms – Hubspot, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. From day one, Levy was able to use Anyword to generate content across all of Blazeo’s marketing channels. “I can take a blog that I’ve written, drop that in Anyword, and it understands exactly what I’m talking about. That’s something I can’t do with other AI tools,” Levy says. “It’s learned who we are. It’s been onboarded. It has become a copywriter that can generate content for any channel.”

Part 2: Achieving a unified brand voice

As Levy’s team expanded, Anyword became essential for maintaining brand consistency. “It’s no longer just me writing everything. We’ve onboarded team members, and Anyword gives me the confidence that all our content sounds like it’s coming from one voice, no matter who wrote it,” Levy shared.

Additionally, Anyword uses Blazeo’s real-life marketing data to generate a predictive performance score and audience analytics for every piece of content the team drafts. “I look at that number [predictive performance score] constantly. Anything below the 80s, I’ll click ‘boost performance’ and then push it live,” says Levy.

The Results: Boosting Content Production

By implementing Anyword, the Blazeo team has significantly boosted their content velocity and improved quality and consistency across all channels. “The biggest value I see from Anyword is time-saving,” said Levy. “It saves my team a lot of time while ensuring the messaging and quality are on point.” 

This time savings and quality assurance allowed Levy to revitalize Blazeo’s previously dormant channels, like social media, without having to hire another dedicated copywriter. “We started posting on social media more consistently and intentionally,” he explained. “We went from struggling to post at all to consistently writing at least three posts per platform a week, which my team wouldn’t have had time to do before.”

A Look Ahead: Fueling a Rebrand with Anyword

With Anyword futureproofing Blazeo’s content needs, Levy is confidently moving forward with a complete rebrand, overhauling website content, and building and enhancing their messaging with insights from Anyword.

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