One of the biggest concerns that users of AI copywriting have is that their texts will become generic and fail to make their product stand out. That’s because, until now, great copy has been the result of combining product information, writing style, eye-catching phrases, and even emotion.

In comparison, a computer can understand grammar, sentence structure, formatting – but it can’t understand the kind of language that really captures people’s attention.

Or can it?

Anyword – Not Just Any Old AI Copywriting Platform

Anyword has found a solution to this challenge – and their AI writing generator may surprise you. 

It has several functions that make it possible to “train it to sound like you” – i.e. create copy that is on-brand and original, and based on historical copy. This allows you to generate texts for headlines, subject lines, CTAs, landing page copy, blogs, and more. But that’s just the beginning.

Experiment with Keywords

To make Anyword’s text even more unique and on-brand, you can add keywords. Anyword does not blindly incorporate the keyword in the text; it actually understands even unusual phrases (including emojis and hashtags) and builds text around them that makes sense according to the meaning of the keyword.

In addition, Anyword will use other special, funny, dramatic, or quirky phrases that match the tone of the keywords that you add.

Go Fully Customized

The ultimate power of Anyword’s AI creativity is in its customization mode. 

Let’s say you’ve got some existing copy variants that have done well. Perhaps you wrote them and saw that they produce good results according to your own analytics. Or maybe you’ve tried Anyword’s “Improve with AI” option for text typed up directly in the platform. The variants are producing decent numbers according to predictive performance scores – but with Anyword’s “Custom” mode, you can make them even better.

import style examples from Facebook

It’s easy – connect your ad account or just input the copy you like, and Anyword will automatically create a “mode” that translates the text into a sort of style guide for creating more options. The AI picks up on the nuances of your writing and learns how it performs in combination with other words and phrases. 

With one click, you can generate multiple variants of text that sound just like you, along with a predictive performance score and general audience demographic information. 

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Anyword AI Copy Generation Platform

The Anyword UI will provide you with a list of ad accounts to which you are connected. Just scroll through the list and choose an actual account from the channel that you prefer.  

Anyword will mirror that style and combine it with your existing input to generate amazing combinations – even emojis! What you get is a unique hybrid of your product’s messaging in the nuance of the ad account that you choose. Anyword also provides advertising information for the account, including CTR and total impressions, so that you can get an idea of how effective the style will be.

Choose Any Style, Even If It’s Not Your Own 

Anyword’s Custom mode can go beyond just your own style. If there’s a brand you particularly like, you can input variations from that brand manually and Anyword’s AI will mimic it.

Better in Person

Try it out – it’s really fun! Even in trial mode, you can choose actual websites, put Anyword’s spin on its existing text, and see how it performs. And underneath Anyword’s fascinating output is a formidable AI engine that will change the way you create marketing copy – faster, more efficiently, and with better conversion rates. 

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