You talked — we listened! We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our product brief panel.

No one likes to make tough choices. And here at Anyword, we’re no longer making you decide between different copy parameters. Now you can generate your copy variations with a specific target audience, framework, and tone of voice … all at the same time.

Want to generate a Facebook Ad using the AIDA copywriting framework, a playful tone of voice, and tailored it to a specific target audience? Well, now you can!

You no longer have to select ONE at a time to generate a copy variations. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

And, there’s more — you can also add any “Talking Points” that you’d like addressed in your copy. The possibilities are infinite! Enjoy a more streamlined copy generating process and get even more tailored content with the help of Anyword’s AI.

Check out our full Anyword Workshop video on how to easily choose multiple copy parameters to get the best possible variations.

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