Marketing’s Big AI Problem

Before Large Language Models revolutionized the way we generate copy, the biggest problem any marketing team encountered was producing enough content to meet their strategic goals. Of course, marketing teams needed that content to be valuable, original, authoritative, and well written. But under the gun of impending deadlines, or overloaded by servicing too many marketing channels, it was easy to miss the importance of the quality of your content. After all, something is better than nothing, right? 

But AI, as we know it today, solved this problem overnight. With applications like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing chat, and others, the ability to create near infinite copy variations on-demand (at near zero cost) became a given. 

Cue the celebrations. We did it! We beat marketing…

Well, not really. Because if every company can generate infinite variations, every company begins to look the same. Audiences tune out. Performance metrics begin to fall behind, and before you know it, none of this AI-generated content gets you any closer to your goals. 

Marketers in the age of AI are left with one big problem to overcome: How do I quickly curate the best performing copy variations so my content stands out and connects with audiences, without blowing my A/B testing budget or wasting time arguing with my colleagues about each our gut feelings about which one’s best? 

The solution to this big AI problem lies in a new marketing role… one that will one day be the glue of every marketing team…

Enter: Performance Writers

Enter: Performance Writers – the trailblazers who combine their expertise in AI technology with a laser focus on driving business outcomes. The performance writer can easily answer these questions, because they understand how the data that underlies your brand, audience and performance can be leveraged to guide AI platforms to produce original, valuable content that connects with the right audience. 

How Do You Become a Performance Writer?

That’s what the Performance Writing 101 series is all about. Over the next few weeks,  we’ll dive deeper into this concept of performance writing, and you’ll learn:

Once you have these skills under your collective belts, your team of marketers will transform into the Performance Writing masterminds of the future.

Until then, stay tuned, and write on!

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