Anyword’s NEW product updates are here to make it easier than ever to connect with your specific audiences and drive more engagement!

Meet our automagically Suggested Target Audiences, plus NEW & Improved Social Media Templates.

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Suggested Target Audiences

Imagine working tooth and nail on copy, and finding out it doesn’t resonate with your target audience. Worse still – what if you’re talking to the wrong audience altogether?

You will never have to face this nightmare ever again! Anyword now automatically suggests Target Audience personas based on your brief before you generate your copy! See professions, ages, genders, and pain-points that fit your brief and copy best. Select the one you want to use, edit or update it, and save it to your Target Audiences to use again. 

No matter what you’re writing, Anyword’s powerful AI can identify the best audience for your message. Quit guessing and start connecting with the right audience right now!

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More Powerful Social Media Templates

Anyword’s organic social media templates have just been upgraded with a suite of new features designed to boost engagement on your social channels! Now you can: generate post copy from a URL, share links in your copy, set hashtags, and access brand-new formulas to craft more engaging social posts!

Let’s break this down and see exactly how much more powerful Anyword’s social media templates are.

Generate Post Copy from a URL

Social media marketers are pressed for time. Let’s face it, if your posts are late or after-the-fact, you risk missing out on trending topics and organic reach. Imagine being able to write a full post, in any format, based on a URL, so you can have post copy immediately, saving you the time and effort of briefing out information that’s already online.

Share URL in Post Text

Sharing your content on social media is a key component of any social strategy. Make the share as easy as possible by incorporating your share link right in your optimized post copy from Anyword.

Set Campaign Hashtags

Don’t leave your virality to chance. Tell Anyword the exact hashtags you’re targeting to ensure they’re incorporated into your post according to best practices for top performance.

New Organic Social Post Formulas

Social media has its own language, and that includes post formats. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing the tried and true post formulas, like hook-value-CTA, lists, sharing a quote and more. Now all of these most popular and powerful post formulas are available right inside Anyword’s organic social templates to ensure your copy takes a format your audience loves to consume.

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More to Come!

We’ve got so many new capabilities and updates coming to you in the months ahead, so stay tuned and stay logged in to Anyword. And as always, let us know what YOU think about these powerful new product updates. Join over 11,000 Anyworders in our Facebook Group to share your ideas with other marketers on the cutting edge of generative AI technology!

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