Crafting high-performing marketing copy can be a challenge. You need to understand what resonates with your audience and tailor your message accordingly. This is where “Talking Points,” a new feature within Anyword’s AI writing platform, comes in.

What are Talking Points?

Talking Points is a data-driven messaging bank built directly within Anyword’s platform that leverages data from your existing marketing channels. This feature automatically extracts the most successful keywords (talking points) from your Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, emails, Twitter, and other campaigns.  An advanced AI algorithm analyzes this data to identify the keywords that consistently drive the best results across each channel.

Using Talking Points to Generate High-Performing Copy

Talking Points are easily accessible within the Anyword editor. After you connect your marketing channels, you will get a Talking Points view for each channel – a curated list of talking points that the algorithm generated from the channel data. These talking points are ranked by a star rating, with a higher star rating indicating a keyword’s predicted performance. This allows you to effortlessly integrate the most impactful messaging into your copy. For example, you can learn which terms performed well on social media posts and then try incorporating those terms when creating new Google ads.

Unleash the Potential of Data-Driven Messaging

Talking Points marks a paradigm shift in how you approach copywriting. By harnessing the power of your existing data, it empowers you to craft messages that resonate deeply with your target audience. Imagine the possibilities: increased engagement, boosted conversions, and a marketing strategy fueled by data-driven insights. Ready to write high-performing copy? Connect your channels and start using Talking Points now!

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