Why Everyone Should Follow One

Copywriting has changed a lot over the years. Marketing texts today tend to be less formal while writing in the second person is common, and of course, the usage of certain phrases is constantly changing. 

Following the top copywriting blogs is a great way to keep track of the newest trends in writing, get inspired, and stay abreast (can we even write that?) of the products and developments that are happening in your industry. 

Reading copywriting blogs is also a helpful way to see the formats, sentence structures, and other layout elements that are popular. At times people seem to want listicles; at other times, short articles with a line break between each sentence are preferred; and at others, long pieces that go for over 1,000 words are in style.

So here’s our pick of today’s best copywriter websites—be sure to check them out once in a while to stay on top of your game.

Quick Sprout Logo

Quicksprout seems like a one-stop-shop for just about everything related to online business. They have useful pages about both copywriting and blogging. It’s also interesting that they list related content pages for copywriting and blogging such as SEO, content marketing, and website creation. So you might spend a lot of time there if you like what they recommend.

There’s even an article called “How to Make Money Blogging in 2021,” which mentions how much the top bloggers make. (We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.) 

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg has been around since 2006 as a website optimization company. They’ve got some impressive customers like Dell, CNET, and Yahoo! But they’ve also got an extensive blogging operation called the Daily Egg that engages a wide variety of topics, including copywriting.

We particularly liked “21 Captivating Call to Action Examples to Steal”—hey, at least they’re honest about it!

2006 must have been a good year for marketing writers, because that’s also the year that Copyblogger started up. They run a service that helps companies with their content marketing strategy. In addition, the Copyblogger blog (say that 10 times fast) has dozens of articles related to the fine art of copywriting.

Read “22 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas that Work”—you’ll definitely recognize the style, and maybe get some ideas for your next headline writing session.

You’ve seen their YouTube commercials; now check out their blogs. Grammarly is a “free online writing assistant” that checks your grammar as you type. Their blog covers many writing topics, from basic English usage to authoring essays.

We recommend reading “How to Take Descriptive Writing to the Next Level.” Like much of their content, it leans towards elementary but is still good as a reminder of the fundamentals of blogging and copywriting.

Let AI Make a Style for You (and Your Audience)

There’s another way to enable your copywriting to keep current with the most popular blog writing styles. Copywriting based on artificial intelligence relies on big data made up of millions of dollars worth of ad spending. This data enables AI copywriting technology to compose various sorts of marketing copy, and does so with an understanding of what works best for which audience. So, just as you can learn from blogs about copywriting, you can also learn from AI copywriting platforms. 

With Anyword, for example, the technology was trained using actual, real world copy from hundreds of big brands. You might say that Anyword is just as much an expert as the top copywriters out there. But unlike your competition, Anyword helps you become a better writer by showing you which copy can be improved and how, giving you alternative phrasings and word choices that fit with your writing style. 

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, AI platforms like Anyword and the blogs mentioned above can be an invaluable resource to ensuring your copy is the best it can be. Or, in Anyword’s words: It’s like giving a calculator to an engineer. 

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