Today, I’m happy to introduce the new and improved Anyword Language Optimization Platform, including new user tiers, a sleeker easy-to-use design, and great new features. 

We’re proud to help publishers and growth marketers understand and optimize the messages they use to deliver business results across web, social, email, and ads. Now we can do so better than ever. 

As Anyword — and even back when we were Keywee — our mission was to use language and AI to help marketers everywhere acquire new users. As co-founder and CEO, I’ve encouraged our team to continually innovate in this space. We started by using Natural Language Processing to drive intelligent audience building. But it has since grown into much more than that. 

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the world of Natural Language Generation reach an inflection point, with technology now able to generate infinite amounts of text. 

As we saw this develop, we realized the true challenge to come: It wasn’t just about creating messages, it was about evaluating those messages and pinpointing the ones that can actually work. Endless amounts of text become useless without a discerning eye. 

Finding the right message can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. This is where I believe our platform truly shines. We generate messages, yes, but we also curate and evaluate those messages to surface the ones that are most effective. 

Over the last year, as more publishers, agencies, brands, and small businesses have used the platform, we’ve seen our technology working in the real world, with our predictive models being right almost 80% of the time. The result? Our messages can increase conversion rates for marketers by up to 30%. 

Today, we’re taking all of this work to the next level by streamlining our product and making it even easier for our customers to use. 

Introducing New Usage Tiers

Anyword’s platform is used both by well-known companies like CNN and PetCareRx, and smaller companies like owner-operated agencies, eCommerce shops, jazz clubs, and everything in between. 

We want to make our cutting-edge features accessible to everyone, so we’ve introduced new user tiers starting from $19/month for 15,000 words. As your business needs grow, you can increase your usage by going up a tier or paying for a one-time word increase. 

For bigger companies with more complex needs, we offer enterprise-level plans and API integrations that can fit into any workflow. 

Platform Innovations and New Features

We’ve introduced a brand new interface that’s going to make finding and saving your text variations a thousand times faster and easier. 

From now on, you’ll be able to set your text generation’s type and tone all in one place on the left side of your screen. 

Your generated and saved variations will be visible on the right side of the screen. You’ll also now be able to see all of your variations by platform, so you won’t miss anything, even if you didn’t think to save it. 

A few other new features include the ability to flag bad variations, new AI copywriting capabilities that help surface only the best options when you improve on your own written copy, and improved functionality in multiple formats. 

In case you missed some other recent updates, we’ve also added landing page and email subject lines to our project types, and there are several new project types set to be released in the coming weeks. Exciting times ahead! 

So Much More to Come

I’m so proud of our hard-working R&D, Data Science, and Product teams, who toil tirelessly to constantly improve our platform. We’re hard at work cooking up some great new features – from new formats to new targeting and scoring capabilities, to UI changes and so much more.  

We’re always looking for feedback and ideas. If you have any, feel free to reach out to our support team at Our users’ feedback is at the core of the big changes that we’ve made, and I promise you that will continue to be the case. 

The future is bright, with amazing new horizons to discover and conquer. Thank you for joining us on the journey. 

And if you haven’t yet tried our platform, there’s no time like the present to give it a go!