What is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help create content by using algorithms to analyze the target audience, their interests, and other factors in order to generate copy that is tailored to the individual needs of the user. Advanced AI writing tools are able to generate unique and relevant content for countless situations.

In recent years, AI copywriting has become increasingly popular due to its ability to produce higher quality, more engaging content at a much faster rate than traditional copywriting methods. AI copywriters can create content quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, which makes them an invaluable asset for any content creator.

The technology behind AI writers is still evolving, but there are already a number of great AI copywriting tools available on the market. Let’s dive into which one might be right for you.

AI ToolCopywriting TemplatesIn-App FunctionalityPlagiarism CheckerContent ExportationStar FeatureFree TrialPrice
AnywordSupports several copywriting templates and tones of voice.Not supportedSupported on Blog WizardSupported in CSV formatPredictive Performance Score 7-day free trialStarter plan starts at $29/month. Custom plans available.
JasperOver 50 templatesChrome extensionSupportedNot supportedJasper Art10,000 free wordsStarts at $29/month and $59/month.
Copy AIOver 60 templatesNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedTikTok Script feature7-day free trial of Pro.Starts at $49 per month.
CopysmithOver 30 copywriting templatesSupportedBuilt-in plagiarism checkerExporting supported in PDF, CSV, Docx, and TXT formatsBulk Content GenerationYesStarts at $19 per month.
RytrSupports several copywriting templatesNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedBusiness Idea PitchFree planStarts at $9 per month.


Anyword helps users create effective, performance-driven marketing content with its data-backed copy that yields the highest-level results and hits conversion goals. In addition to a myriad of tools and features, Anyword’s AI copywriting platform uses a scoring system that “grades” text, predicting performance results so marketers can choose the highest quality copy, avoiding costly (and time-consuming) A/B testing.

Anyword’s star features include: Blog Wizard, Website Targeted Messaging, Ad copy, Landing page copy, and more.


Jasper prides itself on being the AI copywriting tool with speed. This AI content platform helps teams of all shapes and sizes “break through creative blocks” and create copy for a wide variety of use cases 10X faster. And in an effort to streamline any and all creative workflows, Jasper also offers an AI art generator.

This image tool allows users to create visuals in just a few seconds — allowing users to let Jasper be their one-stop-shop for all of their creative needs.


Everyone hates writer’s block (and has experienced it at one point in their lives). But Copy.ai is here to banish the block for good. Offering over 90 tools and templates to choose from, this AI content platform helps users generate converting campaign copy in just a few clicks.

With Copy.ai, users can create everything from blog and website copy to digital ads and social media content.


Focusing on Enterprise and eCommerce solutions, Copysmith aims to help its users “create, launch, and distribute” their marketing content quickly and at scale. The AI writing platform places a strong emphasis on building a “clear path to purchase” with its Campaign Builder feature.

This tool allows Copysmith users to create entire campaigns in just a few clicks — building a strong and cohesive buyer’s journey. With Copysmith, you can generate website content, product descriptions, ads, and just brainstorm ideas all in one place.


For Rytr, AI copywriting is all about creating high-quality content for a fraction of the cost. Also leveraging the promise of banishing writer’s block, Rytr offers 40+ use cases that its users can choose from, leaving no content need forgotten.

This AI platform also offers formatting options to help you see how your content will be presented to the world, in addition to grammar checkers.

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