In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, every word you publish carries weight, poised to make or break your brand’s online presence. The challenge, however, has always been to predict the impact of your content before it goes live. Enter Anyword’s Benchmarking feature, a tool designed to dispel the fog of uncertainty surrounding content creation. Anyword’s Benchmarking is not just an advancement; it’s a transformation in how content is created, analyzed, and optimized.

What’s Benchmarking?

By leveraging your historical data alongside cutting-edge analytics, you can compare your new content against content that you previously published from your social, ad and email accounts that you connected with Anyword. 

This allows you to know how well your new content will do before publishing it. You can control what variations from your connected account are compared to your new content. Filter by topic, use case, or performance metric (CTR, impressions, conversions…).

What does this mean for you? A crystal-clear insight into the potential performance of your content, enabling you to make informed decisions and publish with confidence.

Customizable Comparisons for Tailored Insights

Understanding that not all content serves the same purpose, Anyword introduces a level of customization in benchmarking that is unparalleled. This adaptability allows you to handpick the specific types of content for comparison, guaranteeing a meaningful “apples to apples” analysis. Whether assessing the impact of a call to action, enhancing brand awareness, or spotlighting product features, Anyword empowers you to tailor your benchmarks to align with your strategic objectives.

More than just comparing different categories of content, Anyword enhances decision-making by letting you select the metrics that define success for your campaign. Whether your focus is on improving open rates or boosting click-through rates, this feature ensures that your evaluation criteria are perfectly matched to your marketing goals. This level of customization not only refines your content strategy but also maximizes the effectiveness of each piece of content you create.

Understanding the Difference: Anyword Score vs. Anyword Benchmarking

The Anyword Score evaluates content against the Anyword data set, offering a broad industry comparison to gauge potential effectiveness and resonance with a wide audience. This contrasts with Anyword Benchmarking, which provides a more personalized analysis by comparing new content against your brand’s historical data and performance metrics. This approach allows for a tailored insight into expected content performance, factoring in your unique communication style, audience engagement, and marketing goals.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

1. Integrating your marketing platforms with Anyword is your first step towards leveraging this powerful tool. Supported platforms include Meta Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Hubspot and more.

2. Once integrated, Anyword delves into your historical data to identify what has worked best for you. Anyword compares new content to your chosen benchmarks, giving you a ranked insight into how each one measures up, and guiding you towards publishing the most successful variation.

3. Define your marketing goals, select specific content types for benchmarking, and choose key success metrics (e.g., open rates, click-through rates). This customization aligns benchmarks with strategic objectives, ensuring targeted analysis and maximizing content effectiveness in one streamlined step.

An Illustrative Example

Imagine you’re planning to launch a new product. With Anyword’s Benchmarking, you can compare the upcoming announcement’s content with that of previous product launches. But let’s say the holiday season is around the corner, and you want to see how it stacks against your previous holiday promotions instead. Anyword makes this possible, ensuring your content strategy is both flexible and informed, tailored exactly to your current objectives.

Shaping the Future of Content Creation

The introduction of Anyword’s Benchmarking feature marks a pivotal moment in digital marketing, highlighting the shift towards AI-powered, data-driven content strategies. In a landscape where staying ahead is everything, Anyword offers a way to not just keep pace but to lead. By optimizing your content with precision, elevating your results, and embracing the future of content creation, you position your brand for unprecedented success.

In summary, Anyword’s Benchmarking is more than a tool—it’s your roadmap to content that resonates, engages, and achieves. With its robust analytics, customizable comparisons, and intelligent insights, the guesswork in content creation is a thing of the past. It’s time to Generate, Benchmark, and Publish like never before.

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