Anyword’s new integration transforms ChatGPT, Canva, and Notion AI into Performance Marketing experts by bringing key Brand Voice, Target Audience, and Predictive Performance capabilities everywhere you generate copy.

Introducing Anyword Boost 

I’m excited to announce the latest addition to Anyword’s suite of powerful marketing tools – our Boost Integration – a new Google Chrome Extension for ChatGPT, Notion AI, and Canva. Marketers can now bring their brand, audience, and performance data with them wherever they write, allowing them to generate high-performing, personalized content that’s always on brand. 

Our new AI Integration brings Anyword’s Brand Voice and Copy Intelligence capabilities to ChatGPT, Notion, Canva (and soon even more), ensuring that every piece of content you create is optimized according to your marketing goals. And the best part? It’s available as a Google Chrome extension, so you can use it wherever you’re working.

Addressing the Challenge: Large Language Models don’t know your brand, audience, or anything about your marketing

While technologies such as ChatGPT can produce a ton of content quickly, they lack the crucial knowledge necessary for effective marketing performance. Notion AI, Canva, and other similar tools are incredibly helpful in creating visually stunning and organized content, but they also are not capable of understanding your brand, your customers, and the key context that an expert marketer knows. 

At Anyword, we recognize that true marketing success comes from having a deep understanding of your brand, your audience, and your past performance data. And being able to apply this knowledge seamlessly to your generative AI engine, no matter which one you use, will enable marketers to leverage this technology to stand out, scale quickly, and increase revenue.

This is why we developed our Performance Boost AI Integration, allowing marketers to bring all of this knowledge with them wherever they write, so they generate on-brand, high-performing content every time.

The Solution: Anyword Boost Integration

Analyze, predict & boost performance

Anyword’s unique data set of over 2 billion top-performing marketing assets drives our Predictive Performance Scores & Analytics. By comparing your copy to similar variations and industries, we can accurately predict future performance, engagement, and how your content will resonate with your audience. This feature is no longer confined to the Anyword platform. You can now score and understand how your copy will perform in ChatGPT, Notion, and Canva. Even better, our AI automatically generates more effective, higher-scoring copy variations in one click with our built-in Boost Performance feature.

Bringing your brand with you wherever you write

Your brand is your calling card. It’s the impression you leave upon customers – how they feel about you. And a strong brand is reinforced with consistency across your content and alignment within your organization. With Anyword’s Boost Integration, you can transform ChatGPT, Notion, and Canva into an expert on your brand rules, tone of voice, style, and target audiences – without ever leaving the platform.

Turn every team member into a performance writer

Creating top-performing content requires a combination of data and creativity. With this integration, content marketers now have data to support their content and can confidently create content that is more likely to increase engagement, clicks, and conversions. At the same time, demand gen and performance marketers now have on-brand, high-quality copy in a timely fashion. They can rely on their team to create content that performs, every time.

This integration isn’t just about improving the content creation process. It’s about setting your team up for success and being confident that every piece of content you create is on-brand and designed to drive marketing performance. We’re excited to continue developing this tool, and we can’t wait to see how it will revolutionize the way marketers work.

Learn more about our new integration here.

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