Secure Your Enterprise Data with Anyword's Private LLMs

Rest easy knowing your data is yours and yours alone with Anyword’s Private Hosted Models. Reduce risk, maximize results.

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​​Private LLMs From Anyword 
Mean Data Stays in Your Hands

Private Language Models

We employ private Large Language Models (LLMs) so your sensitive data remains stored within a secure, dedicated Anyword environment. No external LLM providers have access to your data at any point ensuring complete privacy.

Your Data, Your Models

We are committed to ensuring your data exclusively serves your language model and only your organization. With a private LLM, your organization retains control over your data.

Restricted Third-Party Access

By default, Anyword minimizes your data exposure to third-parties. You have full access control over any third-party, and opt-in consent is required for optional external services such as language translation, plagiarism checking, and more.

Secure & Compliant

Upholding SOC 2 and ISO regulations, Anyword places your data's security at the forefront. With a focus on integrity and efficiency, our commitment to these standards ensures a secure and productive environment for your entire organization

Retain Control Over Your Data with 
Anyword’s Private Models