Anyword’s Private Models offer a robust and secure solution for enterprises seeking tailored large language model (LLM) services while ensuring data privacy and control. These models are designed to meet the stringent security and privacy requirements of enterprise customers, utilizing a combination of open source and commercial LLMs, customized and securely hosted on leading cloud platforms such as Google’s GCP and Amazon’s AWS.

Types of Anyword’s LLMs

Anyword uses different LLMs to serve its customers depending on the customer and use case. The main LLM types are:

1. Open Source LLMs:

2. Third-Party LLMs:

Data Storage and Security

Customer data is stored securely in GCP/AWS data stores. This data is used to further customize Anyword’s LLMs for each customer via Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and insights.

Additional Language Services

Anyword uses additional complementary commercial language services including:

Benefits of Anyword’s Private Models

Enterprise customers enjoy the following exclusive private models benefits:


Anyword’s Private Models offer a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to leverage advanced language models while maintaining strict control over their data. The combination of secure hosting, exclusive data use, and optional third-party integrations ensures that enterprise customers can achieve their goals without compromising on data privacy or security.