Marketers have a lot of ground to cover. Landing pages, advertising placements, social media, and website copy each require texts that are built to convert. At the same time, nobody wants to be a one-trick pony. Making sure that you try different types of messages while you gently nudge the audience toward conversion is vital for writing interesting content. 

What Is Conversion Copywriting?

Conversion copywriting is meant to encourage the audience to take a specific action. Not every single line of copy should say “Buy Now!,” but keeping this goal in mind acts as a guide to repeatedly focus conversion copywriting on the mission.

There are many different definitions of conversion. Yes, purchasing is one type, but filling out a form, sharing a social media offer, or visiting a landing page can also be key objectives. 

Regardless of the conversion goal, the copywriter should build texts that are captivating to read and focused on directing the audience to performing the targeted action. Let’s examine eight copywriting strategies that keep your writing fresh and conversion-oriented at the same time. 

1. Foot in the door 

By offering something free and/or without a commitment, marketers can generate interest from the audience to sign up for something more substantial later on. The foot in the door technique is best served with non-threatening CTAs – don’t use the word ‘buy’ or ask for too many details. 

2. Simultaneous features and benefits

It’s a general rule of copywriting to concentrate on benefits because they tell the audience why the product is valuable. But features are also important, as they give specifics about the uniqueness of a product. Combining the two, by showing a feature alongside the benefit that it provides, serves both goals.  

3. Storytelling

Here’s a technique that works for a copywriter who can convince somebody to read a whole paragraph. It also depends on a marketer who can translate the creation of a product into a personal journey that resonates with the audience. A great example is the classic Hathaway shirt ad written by David Ogilvy.  

4. Numbers

On a basic level, including numbers in copy serves to catch the eye because its appearance disrupts the uniformity of text. Using numbers is also an innovative way to highlight sales, pertinent information (“Improve your conversion by 300%!”), and achievements (see the James Clear example below).  

5. Expertise

Any copywriter who researches a topic knows the attraction power of data. By citing studies, findings, results, etc., the text inspires immediate curiosity. Take care either to mention research that your company has undertaken, or cite the original source (you’ll often find it’s ten years old and not all that impressive – so look for something else). This strategy is custom made for offering informational downloads as a means of branding. 


…Or fear of missing out. This can apply to announcements of a sale, low inventory, coupon expirations, and limited time offers in general. The trick here is to use the strategy sparingly. If a shopper is thinking about clicking that button, but seems to remember that something on your website is always about to run out, they will lose trust in your brand.  

7. Questions

Similar to using numbers, asking a question disrupts the pattern of text and gets the mind of the potential buyer in gear. Putting a question as the text for a CTA can also work better than the standard ‘Click Here.’

8. Intelligent Calls to Action

Putting some serious thought into an unusual CTA button is worthwhile. After all, this is where the conversion happens, and it’s kind of your last chance to get your message out there.

Conversion Copywriting Examples 

Growth Tools

Here’s a great example of ‘foot in the door’ conversion. Growth Tools encourages you to take one small step to receive some practical advice:


Get one marketing idea that’s proven to work (plus everything you need to execute it in an afternoon). 

[Show me a great idea]

Landing Folio

This one shows intelligent use of CTAs. It gives you the option to order their product and also to sample the merchandise:

Hate writing headlines? Use proven headline formulas!

Get access to 200 high converting headline formulas. Copy the title that fits best, insert your details and go live. It’s that easy!

[Get more conversions, order your copy]


[View example headlines]

James Clear

The CTA is a free newsletter subscription, but what is interesting is the use of a counter of subscribers to display numbers and attract attention:

Weekly wisdom you can read in 5 minutes, for free.

Over 1,000,000 people subscribe to my weekly email newsletter.

[Try the free newsletter]

Shortcut Conversion Efforts with Anyword

Once you are finished applying one of these copywriting strategies, it’s time to test it out. That means analyzing the conversion rate, then posting another version to see how it compares. It can take some time until you reach the optimal copy rendition. It can also take a while to apply conversion copywriting techniques across channels and projects. 

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