“We’ve been using Anyword for just a couple of months, and it’s been quick and valuable right out of the box,” said our client. Read on for the full story.

The Customer’s Challenge: Scaling Content Without Losing Their Brand’s Soul

Our customer, a leading enterprise software company, needed a responsible way to scale content quickly. “We have over 10,000 customers around the world, and my team is in charge of sharing their stories,” said our client. Given this wealth of potential content, the team needed a tool that would speed up content production and ensure brand integrity at every step.

Key Considerations: In Search of a Secure, Purpose-Built AI Tool for Marketers

Not any tool would do for our client’s needs. Security was of utmost importance. “We deal with a lot of customer content. We can’t feed that into a web tool that is accessible to our competitors. We needed something that could sit behind our Okta tile,” they said.

Moreover, the team wanted to avoid generic generative AI tools. “We’ve all tried out ChatGPT, Jasper, Claude, or Gemini…but having something that was specifically built for marketing was really critical,” said our client. “We wanted something designed to respond to blog prompts, social post prompts, campaigns, and product descriptions…all the things that marketers have to create every day.”

Enter Anyword’s Enterprise Solution

Our customer chose Anyword’s custom-built, Enterprise solution to address their content-scaling needs, without sacrificing on any of their must-haves: security, privacy, and custom features built for marketers. “The fact that Anyword is secure is absolutely essential and valuable,” they said. Anyword’s private model for our client sits behind the organization’s Okta tile and can’t be accessed outside the organization.

Anyword’s private model was trained on a wealth of our customer’s content in order to learn the ins and outs of the brand. “In essence, we were able to become Anyword’s teachers,” our client said. “We trained it on our company messaging, our product info, our target personas, their pain points, industry news, all our brand attributes, and more… all of this information became foundational to the content that is generated.”

As a platform developed specifically for marketers, Anyword is built to create the types of content that our client needs: from emails and social posts to web copy, interview guides, and improved customer quotes — all specifically tailored to their brand voice for each channel.

The Results: Saving Time, Boosting Insights, & Staying On Brand

Only a few months after onboarding, our customer’s team is seeing the value of Anyword across channels. “One of the most transformational use cases has been creating web copy summaries to go with our customer videos,” they said. “It used to take us an hour and a half to create each one — and now it takes 15 minutes. It’s a huge time saver.”

Anyword’s data-driven capabilities have also been a boon to our client. “One of the things I love about Anyword is how it gives us greater visibility into our copy across the board,” they said. “We now have more strategic insights into our messaging. Having trained Anyword on all our brand materials, we now have a bird’s eye view of our brand voice across channels. For example, Anyword showed us that there was a difference in how we spoke in event promotion (warm, jovial) vs. customer stories (cooler, more journalistic)… It’s very interesting and useful to get that perspective.”

This is only the beginning of our client’s journey with Anyword. “Anyword is constantly developing new features and functionality. Almost every couple of weeks, there’s been a product update,” our customer said. “We’re planning to use it for even more channels going forward, and we’re really looking forward to it.”

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