All marketers know (or should know) who their target audience is, but sometimes getting the perfect message out to them is easier said than done. Here at Anyword, we understand the struggle of finding the right words for the right people. That’s where our new Customer Avatar Templates can help. Create stronger ad copy by writing for your specific audience — every single time.

Define Your Customer with Anyword

In addition to letting you create a custom template on a specific pain, benefit, or feature of your product, our platform now allows you to input a specific identity or persona. Define your specific audience, and our AI will then generate copy variations fine-tune for this specific avatar. Need copy geared toward college students? Small business owners? New parents? Tell our AI and get ad copy variations written for that specific audience. It’s as easy as that!

Use our new customer avatar templates on our social ad projects to streamline the messaging of your campaigns. How does it work? Let’s dive in.

How To Use Anyword’s Custom Ad Copy Templates for your Business

1. Create Your Ad Project

Need copy for a Facebook ad? Google search? Anyword’s platform supports a wide variety of channels, so whatever your copywriting needs may be, find a solution with our AI.

2. Create a Custom Template

After filling out a brief about your product or service, you’ll be brought to your product page. Hit “+Custom” where you can create a new custom template for your ad copy.

3. Define Your Customer

Now’s the time to tell us who you’re writing for! College students, millennials, recent retirees — the options are limitless. Simply type in your target audience, hit “Create template,” and you’re all set.

4. Start Creating Your Ad Copy!

Now that you’ve given Anyword a specific customer or demographic to write for, you’ll be given copy templates or variations that will best resonate with that chosen audience. What does this mean for you? No more playing the guessing game! Attract the right people to your product with the right words, all in just a few clicks.

More Specific Ad Copy = Better Results

For any marketing campaign, it’s not enough to just have A+ copy. You can have high-quality copy, but if the copy doesn’t resonate with your target audience, then it’s less likely to lead to higher conversions and sales. Before, copywriters and marketers had to go in blind — using their best judgment on what they thought would work for their specific customers. But not anymore. Anyword’s AI copywriting platform uses data from hundreds of high-performing ads to make sure it generates copy in the right tone and style. So if you tell Anyword to create copy for college students ready to start the new semester, you can feel confident that your results will connect with that demographic. 

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