Today we’re very excited to announce a big change in Anyword’s pricing and plans that takes the limits off your AI writing and marketing results – Unlimited Words for everyone. And this is just the beginning.

So why the change? We all know that AI technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace. That’s true for the large language models that support Anyword, as well as our own proprietary tools and capabilities we’ve developed over recent years. 

I am very proud of our team who have worked tirelessly at the cutting edge of this technology to make our product more efficient and more valuable for our 1 million-plus users who choose Anyword to drive better business results. 

With recent advances in Gen AI technology, we realized that our plans and features needed to evolve as well. Today we’re introducing a raft of new features and capabilities now available for ALL Anyword users. 

Everyone Gets Unlimited Words

The days of charging by word usage are over. The fact is, with generative AI as it exists today, it no longer requires per-word bean counting. We are committed to passing along cost savings from new technological efficiencies to you, our users. Providing our service with Unlimited Words is one amazing way we can do this.

Now You Can Always Generate in Your Brand Voice

Teaching your AI about your brand is essential for getting significant results from your marketing content. Now every user can define their Brand Voice right inside Anyword. Set brand rules, build a Copy Bank with your key messaging – like your company bio, mission statement, tagline, and more – to use across your company, define Custom Formulas for consistent tone and writing formats, and set your Target Audiences so any content you create speaks directly to the right audiences. 

Boost Performance of Your Copy in a Click

While this feature was only available to Business and Data-Driven users in the past, we realized it makes a huge difference to all marketers. You and your team should have every chance to sharpen your copy, and boost performance. With Anyword’s Boost Performance feature, you can improve your copy’s performance in a single click for better results instantly! In the coming weeks every Anyword subscriber will gain access to this valuable feature.

This Is Just The Beginning…

These are just a few of the most notable changes. Visit our new pricing page to get the full picture of what each plan includes. If you haven’t tried Anyword yet, sign up for your free 7-day trial now, and get the only AI solution built for marketing performance.

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