Every day, marketers use various digital channels to promote their content, products, or services, but there’s still no guarantee that those messages will resonate with target audiences and perform. It’s this problem that Anyword set out to solve with our AI Copywriting Platform. Our data-driven, AI-generated content, backed by the power of immense data sets and predictive analytics, gives marketers the tools to make smarter creative decisions.

Here at Anyword, we believe strongly in the power (and effectiveness) of this data-backed copywriting, which is why we’ve decided to make changes to our pricing structure.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we’re providing everyone with that data-driven power. With our new free plan, marketers, copywriters, and online shop owners alike can enjoy powerful data-driven copywriting — at no cost to them.

What Our New Free Plan Means For You

I strongly believe that everyone should be able to benefit from our platform’s powerful tools and features, so we want to introduce our key concept of data-driven copywriting to a wide professional community. With this plan, users can leverage the power of predictive metrics and all of Anyword’s general-use copywriting features. Have access to:

Data-Driven Marketing Copy

Anyword’s generator tool creates engaging text that connects cross-channel ad projects, such as Facebook, Google, Outbrain, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as emails, landing pages, and product listings. 

Predictive Performance Scores

Anyword analyzes copy and generates “grades” that determine how well copy will perform before it goes live. You’ll also have access to a Score Panel, which offers exclusive audience insights for each copy variation.  

Custom Templates

Anyword’s custom templates focus on certain aspects of a product or service, such as its features or benefits; provide built-in copywriting frameworks like AIDA and PAS; and adopt specific tones of voice, such as “hard sell.” You can also leverage Power Mode to completely customize our AI to a specific writing style.

Enjoy Even More Data-Driven Features

And of course, the fun doesn’t just stop with our free plan. We also set out to create a plan specifically designed for smaller businesses looking to benefit from our advanced features — at an affordable price. That’s where our Data-Driven Basic plan comes in.

With this new plan, which runs for $99/mo., you have access to our top-tier copywriting tools and features (including our blog post generator), unique Predictive Performance Scores, Score Panels for each copy variation, and so much more.

We’ve made it our mission at Anyword to provide you with the wide capabilities of our data-driven copywriting — regardless of your needs, business size, or channel preferences. With Anyword’s AI in your marketing toolbox, you can create copy that connects, every single time. I can’t wait to see where it takes you. Learn more about our new plans here and start taking the guesswork out of your copywriting.

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