Anyword has proven itself to be an indispensable partner of ours and is a critical element of our growth story.” – David Grasso, CEO of Bold TV

challenge The Problem
Reaching the perfect audience with the right content is a challenge for any brand or publisher. Bold TV needed a solution to put their high-value content in front of the right eyes, and in turn, building a more loyal readership.
action The Approach
Anyword combined years of experience with the Facebook algorithm and knowledge of creative best practices with its AI Copywriting Platform to generate click-worthy copy that resonated with Bold TV’s target demographics.
result The Result
Anyword and Bold TV’s partnership generated nearly 3 million impressions and over 200K video views in 2022 so far.

Bold TV,  a nonprofit working to elevate a wide variety of diverse voices, uses bipartisan content to both celebrate and inform the entrepreneur. The organization highlights the importance of financial and cultural knowledge for Millennials and Gen Z’ers by providing informational and empowering content. And in keeping with the ever-changing digital landscape, Bold TV took to short-form content and videos as their chosen medium. However, in a sea of content being pushed to these demographics, it can be easy to get lost in the feed. That’s how Bold TV found Anyword.

Getting the Right Content In Front of the Right Eyes

As part of its core mission, Bold TV strives to inform and inspire Millennials and the Gen Z generation through financial, cultural, and political content. Through its articles and videos, Bold TV elevates voices and ideas that best reflect those of their target audience. But even the right content can fall through the cracks on a Facebook feed. To help reach this demographic, Bold TV and Anyword built a partnership with three key things:

  • Anyword’s deep understanding of how Facebook’s algorithm and audience building works.
  • Knowledge of social media creative best practices.
  • Anyword’s powerful AI Copywriting Platform.

Working together, Bold TV and Anyword leveraged the power of AI-generated copy and predictive analytics to create effective, high-quality copy, all while building a more loyal audience base.

Q1 2021: The Start of a Promising Year to Come 

Kicking off a new year with new budgets and new goals is a challenge for any publisher or news outlet — especially in pandemic times when uncertainty has become the daily norm. However, with Anyword, Bold TV took advantage of the company’s algorithm optimization and closed out the start of 2021 with promising results. Over the course of Q1 2021, Bold TV’s creatives, powered by Anyword, had over 11 million impressions, with just shy of three million video views. And once Anyword launched its AI Copywriting Platform in March 2021, Bold TV’s success only continued to grow.

The Results: Q4 and Beyond

Taking a look at Q4 2021, Bold TV’s audience development campaigns with Anyword spent over $35K with an average of $0.12 CPC and nearly 1.5 million impressions. When looking specifically at video campaigns, they saw over 1.1 million video views. While the last quarter of the year typically shows high success for several different types of campaigns, Bold TV carried this momentum into the new year. Looking at Q1 of this year so far, we’ve already seen $23K in spend. Plus nearly 1.7 million impressions, and over 700,000 video views.

Combining the Power of AI with Bold TV’s Vision 

Now, developing and maintaining a loyal audience base takes time. However, with the right building blocks the process can be a lot more streamlined. We know that the way to get started is with effective copy, but sometimes that alone doesn’t guarantee success. And so, Bold TV took to leveraging Anyword’s data-driven copywriting capabilities, specifically the platform’s unique Predictive Performance Score. These “grades” are provided with each AI-generated copy variation generated by the platform and indicate that copy’s conversion potential. Additionally, these scores also come with a “Score Panel,” that provides exclusive audience and demographic insights.

Using these scores as a guide, Bold TV created ads that generated impressions and video views at lower costs. Since the start of 2022, Bold TV’s campaigns have seen just shy of three million impressions. Specifically for their video campaigns, we’ve had over 200K video views, with an average cost per video view of $0.02. And to top it all off, ads created by Anyword generated over $25K in spend. Lastly, how did Bold TV’s ads succeed in reaching the right audience? 84% of Bold TV’s audience with ads run by Anyword fall between the ages of 25 to 44. So, as we can see, with Anyword’s help, Bold TV hit right within their Millennial target demographic.

“Anyword has proven itself to be an indispensable partner of ours and is a critical element of our growth story,” said David Grasso, CEO of Bold TV. “Anyword’s turn-key solutions to social media marketing on Facebook have saved us thousands of hours of work, maximized our return on investment, and helped us solidify our standing as a reputable non-profit media brand.”

Bold TV’s drive for informing Millennials and Gen Z paired with Anyword’s leading AI technology and predictive analytics brought in high-value Millennial and Gen Z viewers, all while keeping costs down. In a time where social feeds are saturated with content, Anyword looks to provide media outlets with a data-driven tool that helps inform the copy decisions of its customers.

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