Today we’re proud to introduce Brand Voice into Anyword’s Gen AI Performance Writing Solution.

As you know, AI often struggles to generate on-brand copy. And for marketers, what good is generative AI if it doesn’t understand your brand? Well, if you want your marketing to stand out and actually get results… brand is key.

Marketing success requires an AI solution that can follow your brand rules, call up your essential company and product information in a click, embody the right tone of voice, and speak to the right audiences. And your team’s success depends on developing a clear Brand Voice that speaks across your marketing content, no matter who created it.

Brand Voice

With Anyword’s new Brand Voice capabilities, for the first time, you can gather together all the key pieces of your brand identity your AI needs to know. A powerful brand can win recognition and loyalty. An AI that speaks in your Brand Voice can scale that success, and help you stand out in a sea of generic copy.

Here’s how it works…

Brand Rules

The words we use (and the words we don’t) make all the difference. You can easily set rules for Anyword’s AI to ensure disallowed words can be easily replaced with approved brand terms. Or, keep things totally streamlined and tell Anyword not to generate copy with disallowed terms.

Copy Bank

Set key descriptions and project briefs to use in just one click no matter who is generating copy. Approve standardized entries for:

  • Company description
  • Product description
  • Elevator pitch
  • 1-liner
  • Who we are

…or anything your team needs to be on-brand and accessible in a click.

Custom Formulas

Keep your organization’s messaging consistent and on-brand with Custom Formulas. With this tool, you can create rules for tone-of-voice, copywriting formats, and other messaging guidelines. Customize your formulas for any channel and save them to use across your organization.

Target Audiences

Nobody knows your audience better than you do. Train Anyword to generate copy specifically for your most valuable target audiences. Easily manage them in one central location. Define audiences by profession, age, gender, and specific pain points.

See Brand Voice in Action

Once your Brand Voice is set up, your team will see approved target audiences, approved briefs from your copy band, and custom formulas to sharpen their copy for any channel. And because you shared your brand rules with Anyword, you can expect on-brand copy that performs, every time. 

Brand Voice is LIVE in all Anyword accounts right now. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

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