Can artificial intelligence writers create high-quality content? The short answer to this question is, yes. There are plenty of situations where the technology can make life easier for content teams, or even take over entire processes from humans completely. Here, we’ll explore which types of content AI writers can generate, and how businesses are using AI writing to improve efficiency and create better content.

What is an AI Writer?

But first, let’s talk about what AI writers and AI writing are in the context of marketing. An artificial intelligence writer is a piece of software that automatically generates text on demand. These writers are trained to produce human-like language and have been designed to help with productivity.

So how does that help marketers with their copywriting? Since AI writers are trained to produce content that sounds natural to both the human eyes and ears, more and more marketers are using AI copywriting as a way to streamline their campaigns. This could be everything from using AI writers to write ad or blog copy to using AI to simply come up with new ideas and strengthen the copy they already have.

What Are The Benefits of Using AI Writing?

While artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are most commonly associated with autonomous vehicles, language translators, or digital assistants like Siri and Alexa, there’s a different kind of AI that has been quietly revolutionizing one industry: marketing and commercial copywriting. After all, as any freelance writer knows, writing compelling copy for an ad or social media post copywriting is no easy task. And when companies are tasked with churning out several pieces of content at a time, that job becomes even more challenging.

That’s where AI copywriting tools come into play.

AI writers lend a helping hand to marketers and copywriters, whether that be through full-formed copy or brainstorming new concepts. Incorporating AI copywriting tools into marketing workflows will only aid in speeding up processes and allows for an endless stream of ideas.

Where Does AI Copywriting Leave Human Content Writers?

Rather than defining a clear yes or no answer, it’s more appropriate to think about how one could integrate AI tools into human workflows. AI copywriting will never replace human copywriting, but rather, will help copywriters become even more creative. Every writer has experienced a time of extreme writer’s block or brain fog or just simply needed new ideas. But with AI writing, we can beat these brain blocks. AI isn’t here to take the place of anything or anyone — it’s here to be a catalyst for even more exceptional copywriting and content creation.

So, What Exactly Can AI Writers Create?

Ad Copy

Yes, marketers and advertisers have been writing effective ad copy for years — whether that be print or digital. But in 2022, we have tools that can help us take our advertising up a notch. Every copywriter needs help now and again, so why not look to AI writers? AI copywriting tools use data from thousands of ads to create quality advertising copy across all industries and services.

Social Copy

Because social media posts are short and usually pretty specific to the platform you’re working with, they can be hard to create — but not if you have help from AI. Whether you’re writing Instagram captions or Facebook updates, AI writers will create a unique and engaging post for you to share. It’s like having an army of social media experts on call!


Our audience doesn’t have as long of an attention span as we’d like to think. And this is what makes ad headlines so important for any marketer. One of your first opportunities to engage a visitor is in your headline! For marketers today, that means one thing: Better headlines produce more conversions. But how do you write good headlines? Use AI to help! Data-backed AI platforms know what types of headlines work for specific audiences, so you can be sure you’re using the right one to catch the attention of your customers.

Emails and Subject Lines

Writing engaging subject lines and emails that convert is no easy task. More often than not, marketing and promotional emails land in someone’s inbox and just sit there. But that doesn’t have to be the case. AI writing tools have the power to create not only engaging email bodies, but also email subject lines that up those open rates. 

Blog Posts

Don’t have the time to write entire blog posts from scratch or just need help with ideation? AI writers are here to the rescue. Many businesses are employing AI to write posts for their blogs to either save time and manpower or to help polish up copy they already have! Simply tell the AI tool what you wish to write about, and watch your blog post roll in.

Landing Pages

The best (and most successful) landing pages focus primarily on customer benefit. And this is a tricky thing to get right the first time. A lot of marketers rely on trial and error to see what performs best for their landing pages, but now, thanks to AI, that guessing may be a thing of the past. Some AI writing platforms generate all the copy needed for a stellar landing page — from headlines to powerful call-to-actions. So what would have been hours of frustration and a lot of what-ifs turns into a seamless and effective process (in much less time).

Anyword: Your Ultimate AI Writing Destination

Okay, so we’ve gone through all of the different types of copy that AI writers generate. But what if we told you that there’s an AI tool that allows you to generate all of those assets on one platform? Enter: Anyword.

Anyword is an AI Copywriting Platform built to generate any type of copy that marketers or copywriters may need. Ad copy. Entire blog posts. Promotional emails. Landing page assets. You name it — Anyword can generate it. And in addition to the copy that Anyword provides, the platform also assigns each copy variation a Predictive Performance Score. These “grades” indicate the copy’s conversion and performance potential, making it easier for you to make smarter decisions. Anyword is the first AI copywriting tool to offer not only quality copy in just a few clicks, but also reassurance that the copy you choose will actually perform and help you hit your goals. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and test the waters with a free, 7-day trial.

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