How do you highlight and amplify your best-performing messaging? Before AI, you would have had some very time-consuming manual work ahead of you. But not anymore! 

There’s a much faster way to identify your best-performing messaging, and to include it in your future content creation. This tool turns a time-killing, anti-creative process into an easy jumping off point for creative thinking and better-performing content. 

And it happens to be today’s Instant Tip: High-Performing Talking Points.

Step 1: Connect Your Channels

The first step is to connect your channels to let Anyword’s AI analyze and identify your talking points. You will see them listed by channel under the High-Performing Talking Points section under the Copy Intelligence tab.

Step 2: Connect Relevant Resources

It doesn’t stop there. You can also identify top talking points from other forms of content. Connect any web page url to your Resources center, and pull talking points from your homepage, product pages, landing pages – even your competitors’ pages.

Step 3: Build Talking Points into Your Prompts

Once Anyword has your talking points, you will be able to access them within the Data-Driven Editor, or by using the Anyword Boost Extension with ChatGPT, Google Docs, Canva, Notion and more.

Better Prompts = Better Messaging = Better Marketing Performance

You’ll have more context in your prompts, and copy generated with these terms in mind will amplify your success. It’s like instantly training the AI on your most effective messaging to connect more deeply with your audience. 

Better prompts will generate better content, with messaging that resonates deeply with your audiences. That means they’re more likely to click, sign up, and buy.

Start Using High-Performing Talking Points

Get more bang for your messaging buck with your next round of content! Connect a channel and start writing with your High-Performing Talking Points today.

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