Overview of WardsAuto results with Anyword

Meet WardsAuto

WardsAuto (www.wardsauto.com) is a publishing, business intelligence, and exhibitions business, part of Informa Tech, based in Michigan, USA. WardsAuto needed to scale content production without compromising the quality or security integral to their brand. The marketing team had been looking for ways to leverage AI for a while, but as Freya Smale, Director, Marketing, Automotive at WardsAuto, noted, the brand “was having trouble finding something that seamlessly fit into their processes and filled in the gaps across the team.”

The Challenge: Reaching the Right Audience Faster

WardsAuto was struggling to effectively engage their target audience with the right content, and the team had a lack of relevant data to help guide their efforts. “We wanted to have an impact within the industry,” Smale explained, “We wanted to make sure that our products and services are in front of the right people, but we needed more data on what would engage our specific audience — and what wouldn’t.”

However, using data to craft high-performing content was daunting. The marketing team, burdened with a high volume of tasks, was also working to ensure brand consistency and security across various platforms. “We’re a very data-driven company,” Smale said. “But it’s sometimes absolutely impossible to get through that data and do something with it. There just isn’t time.” The team couldn’t handle it all. They needed a tool that could streamline workflows without sacrificing content quality and depth.

The Solution: Anyword as a Collaborator in WardsAuto’s Content Workflow

WardsAuto chose Anyword to help optimize content. Very quickly, this collaboration expedited content creation, elevated content quality, provided meaningful data, and drove a deeper connection with WardsAuto’s audience. And most importantly, it alleviated the burden on the marketing team.

Anyword seamlessly integrated into WardsAuto’s existing workflows, becoming a welcomed “colleague.” “We see Anyword as an editor,” Smale said. “We work on copy beforehand, then input it into Anyword to get relevant data, insights and analysis based on our target audience.” 

Since Anyword is backed by real-life marketing data, the tool empowers WardsAuto’s team to focus on the creative aspects of marketing they love, leaving the rest to the AI. Smale noted, “The whole team appreciates all the time Anyword saves us. Marketers tend to have a hundred things to do at any one time, and a tool that can help us be more efficient will always be beneficial.”

The Results: Content that Connects and Converts

Adopting Anyword ushered in transformative changes for WardsAuto, significantly improving efficiency and content performance. 

“Anyword makes our marketers feel smarter, stronger, and more supported,” Smale remarked. She also attributed the team’s continued growth and development to Anyword. “To see my team use data differently while thinking creatively… It’s not possible without a tool like this. It’s been amazing.” Using Anyword, WardsAuto achieved a 6x increase in social media engagement, leading to heightened brand awareness and a deeper connection with its target audience. Average email click-through rates grew from 2.5% to 8%, a testament to the personalized suggestions and optimizations provided by Anyword. A record-setting e-book, crafted with Anyword, garnered 450 downloads, compared to the usual ~150. “Anyword has helped us marry the data world and the creative world,” Smale said. “It’s huge for us.”

A Look Ahead: The Future of Content Creation with AI

WardsAuto’s story exemplifies the transformative potential of AI collaboration in content creation. Anyword, not just a tool but a partner, empowers teams to work smarter, faster, and achieve impactful results. As WardsAuto continues its AI journey, Anyword remains a steadfast ally, poised to propel them to even greater heights in B2B content creation.

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