We’re excited to announce the release of our Inline Editing Functions, specifically the Rephrase and Improve Score features. 

Quickly edit any of your copy variations inline by simply clicking “Rephrase” or “Improve Score.” With each of these features, you just highlight the copy that you would like to edit (this could be a partial copy variation or the entire thing) — right there in your Document! Pretty easy, right? And of course, there is a live preview before hitting “accept”, so that you can see what you’re editing before saving it.

Now onto the “Rephrase” feature. This lets you re-word your selected copy, while staying true to its original meaning. And you can rephrase any copy variation, for any use case! The “Improve Score” feature, since it improves scores, is only applicable to our data-driven copy variations (and therefore, our Data-Driven Anyworders).

Check out our Anyword Workshop video for the full rundown of how you can easily edit your copy variations inline!

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