Building a highly-effective, high-converting landing page takes a lot of manpower, time, and for more, a lot of guesswork. Even marketers who have been in the industry for years have to rely on trial and error to see how well their landing pages resonate with audiences. When it comes to achieving peak performance — meaning low CPCs and higher conversions and sales — there are several different factors that come into play. Writing, creating, and optimizing your landing pages, the many moving parts can make it difficult for any marketer to stay on the right path. That’s where Anyword can help. 

It’s incredibly challenging to figure out how to build out the perfect landing page. However, with Anyword’s AI Copywriting Platform, this process just got a lot easier. Anyword’s Continuous Optimization feature, available to our Data-Driven Unlimited users, runs high-performing copy variations on your landing page or product page and shows the best combination to your audience.

What Makes an Effective Landing Page

Before we dive into the ins and outs of our feature, let’s first talk about what goes into making a strong landing page, and what type of copy Anyword’s AI writer can generate for you.

Headlines and Supporting Copy

Headlines might be short — but they are certainly mighty. They are typically the first piece of copy your audience will see when they land on your site. So, it’s important to make them stand out as much as possible.

And if the headline is the start of the show, then the subheader is the supporting act. This piece of copy not only allows you to keep your main headline short and persuasive, but it also makes your entire landing page more readable. 


And our copy just keeps getting shorter and shorter. While you can feel free to get creative with your headlines and subheaders, the call-to-action is really where you should really think outside of the box.

Try to think beyond the typical “Sign Up” or “Click Here”. These CTAs are still effective, but sometimes it’s important to try to incorporate some of your business’s personality into your copy as well. For more on how to craft a winning call-to-action, check out our guide here.

Benefits + Features

Of course, one of the most important things to accomplish on your landing page is showing your potential customers all of the amazing benefits and features of your product/service.

By emphasizing your product’s main benefits, you’re answering the question “Well, what’s in it for me?” that undoubtedly every consumer asks themselves before making a purchasing decision. So, why not preemptively give them an answer? Your landing page should show off all of the features that make your product unique — and a must-have in your customer’s lives.

How Does Continuous Optimization Work?

To start, let’s take a look at a brief rundown of Anyword’s Continuous Optimization feature:

  • Choose the AI-generated copy you’d like to test.
  • Embed a snippet of code onto your landing page.
  • From there, Anyword learns from your actual visitors and does all the heavy lifting for you. The algorithm will show the most successful combinations for every traffic source and user type.

Now, let’s deep dive into the specifics.

How to Create Your Continuous Optimization Project

Create Your Project & Generate Your Copy

Once you create your Continuous Optimization project, Anyword’s AI lets you generate text for different asset types: headlines, copy, CTAs, and product names. You can even choose from our different tone and style templates: Default, Playful, Confident, and More Engaging (which will improve the original copy). 

Your generated copy variations will show up at the bottom. Choose whichever pieces of text you like and add as many as you’d like to your campaign.

Use Our Predictive Performance Scores for Smarter Decisions

Along with each piece of copy you generate using our platform, you’ll receive a unique Predictive Performance Score. The score grades copy variations based on their performance and conversion potential, meaning you can have a strong idea of how well your content will do before you even go live with your site. 

And if you hover over each Predictive Performance Score, you’ll find that even more insights await.

Click on any score and a Score Panel will pop up. This provides you with a myriad of different insights on that specific piece of copy.

With this panel, you’ll see:

  • How many copy variations we analyzed to generate your Predictive Performance Score.
  • Histograms showing the age and gender demographics of customers that might resonate with that ad.
  • Channel policy guidelines to check if your copy meets the requirements of your chosen platform.
  • Main emotions driving the copy.
  • What the copy communicates to the audience — Main offerings, features, pains, benefits, and CTAs.

With these scores, you can spend less time worrying about whether your copy will perform and more time reaping the benefits of higher conversions.

Build Your Campaign with Different Copy Variations

Once you’ve generated copy for all of your assets and you’re satisfied with the results, start building out your campaign with each variation that you’d like our AI to test.

For each asset, make sure you have a few different variations of copy selected for our AI to test once you set your campaign to live.

Once you’re happy with the variations for each part of your landing page, it’s time to set your campaign live! But don’t forget to insert a piece of code onto your landing page using our instructions here.

Analyzing Success with Anyword

So you’ve started your campaign — now what? Now it’s time to see which copy combinations perform the best and monitor that performance. Anyword automatically optimizes your on-site to show the right message to the right audience, every single time.

Once you activate your campaign, you have access to a performance dashboard. This will show you each copy variation’s:

  • Expected conversion rate.
  • Probably to be the best.
  • Conversions and views served by Anyword.

From there, you can see exactly how Anyword affects your site’s conversion rates.

So the next time you’re thinking about how to spruce up (or completely revamp) your landing page, turn to Anyword’s Continuous Optimization tool. Using this feature takes the long, arduous process of A/B testing and turns it into a seamless operation.

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