Many owners of real estate agencies, online stores, and other similar businesses often turn to outsourced photo enhancement services to fill their websites with impeccable visual content. If you’re in e-commerce, then detailed, clear pictures are a great way to showcase your product to potential buyers. When you don’t have time to edit your images yourself, you can level up your social media posts using photo enhancement services.

If you are a blogger and need a beautiful profile picture but you lack photo editing skills, professional image enhancement services can be a great solution. Experts use the most powerful software to make your images flawless and increase audience engagement and sales exponentially. In the article, we will share seven handy tips on how to improve your social media presence using photo enhancement services. You will also learn how to work with outsourcing picture enhancement companies. Typically, these services cost from $5 to $15 per image. The price depends on the complexity of work, the type of retouching, and the urgency of your order.

Build a Solid Brand Image

A memorable brand image is one of the keys to attracting customers. It is impossible to achieve the desired result if you post images that don’t reflect the uniqueness and value of your brand. Your potential customers will leave your website and refuse to buy anything if they see boring and monotonous content. To avoid these problems, turn to professional services to improve your images.

Color Correction Assistance

People in photo enhancement companies know that the first step in image editing is to set the right white balance. They use the Eyedropper to do this. The tool is available in Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, Capture One, and almost any other editor. Alternatively, you can rely on auto-configuration. In any case, this is super important.

It is better to start with initially pure color in a photo. Of course, there are some exceptions when a slightly offset WB creates the right atmosphere in the shot. However, this happens quite rarely. In some cases, the WB is difficult to set up correctly because a photo is underexposed and all colors look oversaturated. In this scenario, you first need to raise the exposure to the desired level. Then you can start working on balance. Photo enhancement agencies will help to cope with this task perfectly.

If your original image is underexposed or overexposed, the team will cope with the issue in a photo editor. However, you have to be careful as you can easily ruin your photo by whitening out the highlights or, conversely, leaving dark areas underexposed.

Also, at this stage of improving images for media, experts will work on the contrast. Depending on the idea, they can smooth out the contrasts so that the light and dark areas are the same tone. Alternatively, they can add contrast if you want to highlight elements and accentuate shadows or dark areas.

Advanced Skin Retouching

High-end photo retouching is in high demand and professional photo retouching agencies can easily handle it. Typically, fashion photographers order beauty corrections, hair retouching, makeup enhancement, and color grading.

Enhance Your eCommerce Images

To improve images for your business and social media needs, you can order photo clipping path services. Professionals can replace the background, add a border, resize or rotate an image, etc. If you need product pictures that comply with well-recognized standards, they replace an original background with a white one. 

To make viewers think that objects are on a glass surface, photo retouchers will add reflections and work with shadows. Background removal is one of the basic manipulations for product images with complex-shaped objects.

Turn to Creative Image Manipulations

It typically takes photo retouchers several days to complete various creative photo manipulations. They can create a surreal picture, replace a head in a photo, or mimic a unique digital drawing. Replacing an ordinary, plain background with a surreal or original one will make your image more attractive. Using the power of Photoshop, specialists will carefully cut out objects and place them on a more flattering background without losing the natural look.

If there are some unwanted objects in pictures, photo retouchers can delete or replace them with more appropriate variants. Moreover, if you’ve decided to level up your social media posts using photo enhancement services, you can ask the team to add some elements to a picture. You can also surprise your followers with creativity and order merging two photos of different genres into one perfectly composed picture. Such a unique solution will undoubtedly attract the attention of your audience.

Image Cropping

Even though Instagram can crop an uploaded photo and adjust it to the format automatically, it is better to entrust this task to photo editing services. They will preserve the high quality of a picture and center all the elements according to the current standards.
Besides, they can fix compositional issues. For example, they rotate an image to eliminate the littered horizon. If you need a perfect Instagram photo, then ask to crop your shots 1×1 for square images and 4×5 for portrait ones.

Old Picture Restoration

Old paper photos from a family album are a real treasure for many people. However, it is very easy to damage them by spilling water over them or tearing pieces. If you want to share memories from early childhood with your followers but your pictures are spoiled, you can turn to professional services and order image restoration. 

They will correct colors and work on missing areas. Experts know how to deal with mold-damaged photos by adjusting the contrast, white balance, saturation, and other parameters. They will make pictures more detailed and remove spots so that your photography for social media will be perfect.

Professional photo retouchers can restore the missing elements in a photo as accurately and realistically as possible. They are aware of all the principles of natural and high-end antique photo restoration, so no one will guess about any manipulations with a picture. 

Working with Photo Enhancement Services: Recommendations

It is a great idea to improve images by hiring skilled retouchers. However, you should know exactly what you want to achieve in the end. Moreover, you should responsibly choose the agencies to get in touch with so as not to waste your money. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Define Your Photo Editing Needs

Think about how images should look after being edited. The result should match your marketing strategies. Therefore, if you have a group of marketers, work together and compile a list of requirements for a photo editing company. Perhaps the team can do some manipulations on their own, and some edits require professional skills.

A key goal of photography for social media is to represent your brand and its identity in the best way possible. Give the outsourcing professionals your ideas on color, stylistics, and other aspects of retouching so that photos meet your needs. Discuss parameters such as saturation, contrast, and color palette. 

If you have good product pictures on your website and want photo retouchers to deliver similar results, provide them with these samples. The more examples you give, the more accurate pictures you will get. Plus, it will help speed up the photo editing process and help the teamwork more efficiently.

2. Keep in Touch with the Editing Team

Close communication with an outsourcing photo retouching agency gives peace of mind. By discussing various details related to your order, you give them additional information about your brand and the concepts that you want to see behind the images.

Exchanging opinions and ideas, as well as constant interaction, allows outsourced photo retouchers not only to improve images but also to make them satisfy your business goals.

3. View Previous Projects

Trusting your photos to a third-party company, you probably want to minimize risks. So, it makes sense to examine their previous projects before ordering photo enhancement services. Go to their website and check out their portfolio to be sure that the team is up to the task.

4. Find out about Photo Editing Software They Use

When choosing the agency to work with, you should learn about the photo editing programs they use. The fact is that image editing tools differ in their functionality and you must be sure that the team has enough instruments to perform the required manipulations.

The use of licensed software is also an indisputable aspect. Most experts recommend Adobe products as the most suitable programs with powerful functionality. When communicating with a manager, you can ask about the used editing techniques. Find out if they work with advanced AI options and have top-tier tools at their disposal. Questions like these will help you understand if these photo editors are in the loop of the latest photo editing approaches and can cope with complicated tasks. 

5. Check Out Customer Reviews

When you are looking to spruce up your social media posts using photo enhancement services, you probably look for a reliable company, and pay special attention to the opinions of former clients. That’s a very smart approach! Go to the reviews section and read what people think about the services provided by this agency. Thus, you will understand whether the team is credible or not.

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