For a traditional skilled copywriter, creating product descriptions can be challenging and time consuming. Each product and every channel requires someone to incorporate all kinds of factors that make a product description meaningful. These can include:

  • Knowledge of the target market
  • Understanding of the product
  • Insight regarding the product’s most essential values from the target’s point of view

At the same time, the product description copy needs to be interesting enough that a potential customer will want to read more. That means:

  • Creating eye-catching texts 
  • Writing in the style preferred by the audience
  • Avoiding repetition  

On top of all that, you can’t forget the rules that some platforms have, like Shopify, which place limits on text features like handles and tags.

What Is a Product Description?

However, before we get into how to use the latest technology to create effective product descriptions, we must first understand exactly what they are. Product descriptions are very important pieces of marketing copy that describe all of the benefits and features of a specific product or service. They can range from one sentence to bulleted lists, but a good description ultimately needs to clearly and concisely give your potential customer all of the information and details about what you’re offering them.

eCommerce Product Descriptions Generator

If your job is to generate unique product descriptions, there’s an easier way to do it – actually, much easier.

Anyword uses artificial intelligence and big data to generate product descriptions for you. It takes only three steps to enable Anyword’s technology to function as a product description generator, and that’s true for all of the many platforms covered by Anyword. For example, to use Anyword as a Shopify product description generator, you would:

  • Choose your industry
  • Insert the URL of the product page that you want to promote
  • Click “Generate”

Anyword will instantly build a range of completely original, high-converting product descriptions according to Shopify’s rules—complete with Predictive Performance Score. Simple, right? By creating a clear product description, you’re giving your potential customer all of the information they need to make a decision.

Product description versions by Anyword AI Writer

Generate Amazon Product Descriptions

Nowadays, customer can find almost anything they’re looking for on Amazon. And one of the best things about shopping on Amazon is yes, the convenience, but also the simple way in which the site concisely describes the products listed. Amazon product descriptions are very easy to skim, making it that much easier for potential customers to make a buying decision.

Not sure how to create an effective Amazon-style product description? Well, Anyword. can help with that too. Using the Amazon Product Description Project, you can write persuasive product descriptions and feature lists for your listings. Simply fill out a creative brief with your product name and a short description. The AI will take it from there!

What is The Predictive Performance Score?

One of the top benefits of Anyword is that it greatly reduces the constant testing, analysis, and rewrites that manual product description generation requires. Using a big data inventory of millions of online ads, Anyword can compute how well a piece of copy will perform before it is released. The higher the Predictive Performance Score, the better the chance of converting the audience.

As a result, the marketing department is essentially freed from A/B testing and constant ad copy reiteration. Anyword also supplies a demographic histogram that details its Predictive Performance Score according to age and gender.

…And That’s Not All

With upgraded pricing plans, Anyword delivers access to all kinds of features that make the marketer’s life a lot easier. 

The “Custom” mode will apply the style of any copy that you choose to the texts that Anyword creates. Anyword also supplies unlimited words to support all marketing copy needs. Additionally, Anyword’s continuous optimization technology dynamically displays text on a webpage to maximize conversions for different customer segments. This means you don’t need to constantly post new iterations. In fact, Anyword’s continuous optimization solution increased on-page CTR by 27% for one of its beta users. 

Anyone Can Take it for a Spin

Even trying it out is easy – Anyword offers a seven-day free trial, with no commitment or credit card required.

Once you’ve gotten a taste, you can upgrade to the Pro plan, where you can experience all of its best features (such as continuous optimization, custom mode, and unlimited words). 

To see Anyword’s AI copy in action, just insert some of your own product description text and click the “Improve with AI” slider. The product descriptions that Anyword generates for the trial user come complete with Predictive Performance Score, allowing you to get started on generating unique product descriptions that convert more while you do less.

And once you’ve had a taste of that — you won’t want to go back!

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