Welcome to our tutorial covering how to create Landing Page Projects and set up Anyword’s Continuous optimization feature.

This project can be created in two ways

First, you can generate new landing page copy based on a description of your product or service using the brief on the right side of the screen.

Anyword will offer 4 assets that you can generate copy for: a title, product list, product description, and a call to action. Click on the assets you would like to generate text for. You can also improve your own text and save your favorite variations. 

The second way is to insert a url and have Anyword’s classifier scrape the webpage to identify the main assets to generate text for.

Once you enter a url, a brief will be created. Be sure to double check that the description is accurately describing your product or service. 

Once you click Create a project Anyword will then list the top 5 assets of the page in no particular order. You can also add more assets by clicking on Find more assets on the page. You can configure as many assets as you’d like. 

Find the assets you want to optimize and click on the switch to enable the asset. Classify the asset accordingly, choosing from the product name, copy, or call to action. 

Once you’ve labeled the asset, hover over the original text and click on Improve with AI. This is where you will create your copy variations

Text variations you save will be added to the asset on the main page.

Predictive Performance Score

Next to every copy you’ll see a score. This is our Predictive Performance Score, which has been trained on $250M worth of ad spend. The score grades copy variations based on their performance potential and uses it to optimize and get immediate feedback on your copy variations.

You’ll also see a Score Histogram which gives a demographic breakdown by age and gender of your copy’s potential performance.

Continuous Optimization

There are two additional tabs in the Landing Page project for setting up Continuous Optimization. 

Available for Pro users, this feature automatically optimizes your copy and tracks your text variation performance. Basically, Anyword will not only generate high-performance text, it will also help you convert more users by optimizing the copy on your site automatically.

If you don’t have access yet to this feature and would like to hear more about it, request a Pro account, and we will reach out to you. If Continuous Optimization is enabled for you, head over to the settings page.

There are 3 sections to complete:

  1. The first part is setting the percentage of the population you want to run the variations on.
  1. Then, define the conversion goal and insert the url that the CTA will send users to. 
    Anyword’s algorithm will optimize the variations shown to users based on the click-through rates configured here. If your goal is not a simple url redirect, you can add this line of code to the Javascript function that is called when the conversion goal CTA is clicked. 
  1. Audience Targeting is an additional setting that allows you to segment your traffic based on referral and UTM parameters and have Anyword optimize your copy per audience. You can add up to 5 target audiences. Anyword will find the best variations for each audience separately. This is an optional setting, if you choose not to configure it, then all visitors will be treated as the same audience 

Lastly, insert a snippet of JS on your site using the guide shown for exact instructions. Anyword Javascript Snippet Setup Instructions – Anyword. Once done, click Verify to confirm that your snippet has been successfully configured. 

Once you have confirmation that your goals and snippet have been successfully configured, click Start to begin CO. You can also pause the campaign when you don’t want to run it. 

The variation page is where you can control your variations and track the performance of each variation. The CO performance tab is where you can track how variations perform against the baseline. 

New variations of text can be added at any time while you are running CO. Ideally, you should have around 3 assets running with a few variations. 
If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the help button on the bottom right side of the page.

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