“With Anyword’s help, Ted Baker saw a 29% conversion rate from users who clicked on the ads and then later added items to their carts.”

challenge The Problem
Navigating the constantly-changing commerce landscape can be difficult. Ted Baker needed a solution to bring in high-value customers, ready to convert.
action The Approach
Anyword created a twofold solution combining a deep understanding of Facebook’s algorithm with its powerful AI Copywriting tool that created high-performing copy in Ted Baker’s brand voice.
result The Result
Ads generated by Anyword for Ted Baker generated over £1.6 million in purchase revenue in 2021.

With brick-and-mortar stores falling short compared to the ease and convenience of online shopping, even the most beloved brands have needed to think outside the box for new ways to maintain sales. And that’s how Ted Baker found Anyword.

The Challenge, and the Goal

Ted Baker came to Anyword with the hope of attracting higher-value customers that would convert. To reach these customers, Ted Baker looked to Anyword’s deep knowledge of Facebook’s algorithm and advanced audience building, as well as the company’s powerful AI copywriting tool that generates effective commerce copy in just a few clicks. Through this partnership, Anyword and Ted Baker leveraged the power of AI to create powerful copy that fits the brand’s specific tone and style, while also encouraging users to click and convert.

Q4 2020: A Point of Uncertainty 

The retail world was turned upside down during the first year of the pandemic, and as a result, consumers did most of their shopping behind their computer screens. But even with this switch to online shopping, brands and retailers faced challenges. As it was becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the murky waters of the commerce space, Anyword used its algorithm optimization and AI copywriting platform — trained on millions of dollars of ad spend — to create a solution.

The Results

Throughout Q4 of 2020, Ted Baker’s commerce campaigns with Anyword saw a 1,592% return on ad spend (ROAS), as well as an average CPC of $0.21. Additionally, there were over 15 million impressions on ads during this time. While getting the content in front of a lot of eyes is important to any campaign, the key to success for commerce is encouraging users to complete the funnel. With Anyword’s help, Ted Baker saw a 29% conversion rate from users who clicked on the ads and then later added items to their carts. The brand also had a 7.15% conversion rate from users who initiated checkout to those who made a final purchase. 

Analyzing the Numbers for Continued Success 

While all online retailers have their eyes on the end of the funnel, it’s important to walk before we can run. In other words, Ted Baker needed to analyze how Anyword’s copy was able to generate high clicks and engagement. When we look at the top ads created by Anyword from 2021, we see a 15% increase in CTR with copy created by the AI copywriting tool.

Anyword’s AI wasn’t only generating click-worthy copy — it was generating high-converting copy. These top-performing ads experienced a 10% increase in ROAS. If we take a step back and look at 2021 as a whole, Anyword’s ads generated a 946% ROAS for the fashion brand in total. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Anyword’s ads also generated over £1.6 million in purchase revenue in 2021.

Combining Ted Baker’s decades of expertise in the fashion industry with Anyword’s leading AI technology effectively promoted streamlined commerce content and brought in high-value customers. In a time where the commerce world is constantly evolving, Anyword looks to provide brands and retailers with a tool that adapts to the ever-changing needs of its customers.
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