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New Orleans, LA

Key Industries

Healthcare; Higher Education; Hospitality.

Meet Search Influence

Founded in 2006, Search Influence is a national search engine optimization and digital advertising agency.

Search Influence started from humble beginnings in a spare bedroom, and grew into a nationally recognized expert in digital marketing, with services including SEO, paid advertising, and analytics & lead tracking.

The key to their success is building the right digital content strategy for their clients to have great – not just good – growth.


Their Challenge: Scaling Content without Sacrificing Quality

The Search Influence content team found themselves pushing the limits of their capacity. Their main obstacle revolved around the need to scale up content production while maintaining the quality and uniqueness of each client’s tone of voice and brand identity. To meet the ever-growing demand for content, Search Influence required a solution that could save time – without compromising on the professional marketing expertise that defined their services. As a result, integrating AI into their existing tech stack became imperative to meet their clients’ increasing needs efficiently. 

  • Scaling up content production while maintaining client-specific tone of voice
  • Saving time and enhancing efficiency amidst increasing demand
  • Integrating AI into existing tech stack to meet clients’ evolving needs

Anyword’s Solution

01 | Streamlined Content Creation Process

Anyword’s Business Solution empowers Search Influence to drastically reduce the time required for content completion. Leveraging a comprehensive suite of features, Search Influence seamlessly identifies top-performing messaging, crafts content within each client’s unique tone of voice, effortlessly manages multiple projects, and optimizes content for superior performance. This consolidated approach eliminates the need to navigate between various tools, ensuring a smoother and more efficient content creation workflow.

02 | Versatile Functionality for Maximized Efficiency

The versatility of Anyword proved instrumental in enhancing Search Influence’s efficiency. Unlike previous AI tools, the team tested that primarily focused on long-form content, Anyword excels in generating impactful ad copy while also offering the option to produce those email sequences, blog articles, and more. This multi-functionality provides Search Influence with one centralized platform catering to diverse content needs, saving valuable time that would have been spent switching between different tools.

03 | Performance Prediction for Key Platforms

With a significant portion of ad spending allocated to platforms like Google Page Search and Facebook Display, Search Influence prioritized the optimization of content for these channels. Anyword’s ability to rapidly generate outputs tailored to specific advertising platforms enables the Search Influence team to efficiently produce content while maintaining fine control over the quality and performance. By leveraging Anyword’s insights and content scoring, Search Influence curates and optimizes content directly within the platform, ensuring expedited content delivery and predicting performance before they go live.


Anyword’s responsiveness, the passion for their product, the level of care, and dedication to working with us directly has been amazing. It’s a really special thing when you give feedback and you see it get implemented. Using Anyword to write ad copy, we were able to significantly reduce time writing without sacrificing performance, which our clients love.”

Marissa Wehrer Maggio

Digital Advertising Analyst at Search Influence

Key Features That Increased Productivity & Performance for Search Influence

Brand Voice

Quickly built tone of voice and target audience profiles for content that connects with clients’ ideal customers while building trusted brand identities.

Single-Prompt Google RSA Ad Creation

Built multiple content assets from a single prompt.

1-Click Boost Performance

Generated headlines and boosted their performance optimizes each output for its highest performance in a click.

High-Performing Talking Points

Instantly prioritized the best-performing messaging from integrated ad channels and websites.

Custom Copywriting Formulas

Easily guided copy generation into their preferred formats, styles, or templated structures.

Marketing Teams Using Anyword

See an average 30% increase in conversion rates