Copywriters are spending more time than ever on writing blogs – the average is now almost four hours to create an article from scratch. It’s important to note that this is a trend, with the length of articles, and the time spent writing them, steadily increasing every year.

That’s probably because, when it comes to writing blogs, more is better.

Blog articles above 1,000 words attract more engagement than shorter articles, while readers also seem to love lists and articles that are well organized with headers. In addition, long articles with lots of headers will attract linking from other sites, which helps to drive traffic.  

Wasn’t Blogging and Marketing Technology Supposed to Make Life Easier?

That’s what we all thought, at first. Type up something interesting and relevant to your brand, post it, and grow your mind share. But the fact is that, in many ways, it’s more difficult than ever to get your product and brand noticed online, even when you produce top-quality blogs. 

It’s hard to know exactly what topic, writing style, and format appeals to your audience for any given blog. To get that information, you need to test and experiment constantly. Now, multiply that challenge by the number of blogs your writers need to produce on a constant basis. And finally, compound that pain with the fact that, as mentioned, blogs are getting longer. It all translates to lots of time spent without being certain of the return on your efforts.

With Anyword, Writing Blogs Is as Simple as One, Two – And You Can Even Skip Three

Anyword brings the advantages of technology back to you with AI-powered blog creation. Here’s how Anyword’s Blog Project feature works:

  1. Describe the post that you want to create
  2. Choose your industry

…and that’s about it.

Anyword will build titles, an outline, and an introductory paragraph in a matter of moments. It also provides a predictive performance score for an intro paragraph that indicates the blog’s conversion potential, which reduces the need for testing and iteration.

If you want more options, just click a button to regenerate the blog’s sections. Of course, you can edit all of the sections manually and add keywords if you wish, but two steps is all it takes to start filling up that intimidating blank page.

Features and Perks of Blog Project

Anyword’s AI writer gives you a whole range of tools for creating outstanding blog posts.

1. Edit blog post sections

With just another click of a button, you can add, reorder, and delete as many sections as you want.

2. Check for plagiarism

Anyword also lets you maintain the quality of your blog posts with a plagiarism checker.

3. Expand blog posts with “Continue Paragraph” feature

But how about that length issue? Anyword helps there as well, with its Continue Paragraph feature. Once Anyword has created the initial version of a blog, simply hit the “Continue” button and the AI system will expand on the existing text until you reach the length that you want. This process can be repeated for following paragraphs as well.

All Blog Project features are available in the Starter plan, but because this plan comes with a word limit, you won’t be able to keep producing blogs for long. Business accounts have no word limits, so it’s a much better setup for a marketer with plenty of blogging to do. 

It all boils down to saving time while building blogs that have high conversion potential. Say good-bye to the blogging blues, and hello to Anyword’s 7-day free trial.

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