Crafting a precise and consistent brand voice is pivotal for generating high-performing content with AI. A well-defined brand voice not only builds trust but also ensures that every piece of content resonates authentically with your audience. Anyword equips brands with powerful tools to achieve this goal. From defining exact tones of voice and targeting specific audiences to leveraging proven successful content formulas & messaging, Anyword ensures that the AI-generated content aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity.

Anyword’s Brand Vocabulary takes brand voice management to the next level. This feature allows brands to manage AI-generated content by defining and controlling approved terms, replacements for banned terms, and guidelines for cautious usage. By implementing Brand Vocabulary, brands can ensure that every piece of AI content aligns seamlessly with their established identity, no matter who writes the content.

In this blog post, we will deep dive into how you can build and leverage your brand vocabulary using Anyword, empowering your brand to maintain consistency and effectiveness across all communications.

Creating & Managing Brand Vocabulary

Anyword’s Brand Vocabulary lets you create a detailed list of terms to consistently align your content with your brand’s voice. Utilize three types of terms: “Approved,” “Don’t Use,” and “Use Carefully,” to ensure your language adheres to your brand guidelines.

  • Approved: List the accurate terminology and common mistakes that will be automatically corrected. 
  • Don’t Use: List terms that should be avoided and provide suitable replacements to maintain brand integrity.
  • Use Carefully: Highlight terms that should be used with caution, making sure they are only included when appropriate.

Import Your Existing Brand Vocabulary

Anyword offers an efficient method to integrate your existing brand vocabulary. You can simply upload the relevant section from your brand guidelines, in either PDF or URL format, and Anyword will automatically transform it into terms in your brand vocabulary. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring a swift and accurate setup process.

Maintaining Consistency in Content

By using the Brand Vocabulary, you ensure that every piece of content generated aligns with your brand’s style and standards. Words marked for replacement are replaced with pre-set alternatives, and common mistakes are corrected in real-time. It ensures that your content always adheres to your brand guidelines, avoiding terms that may negatively impact your brand.

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