Marketers and copywriters use several different digital channels to promote their content, product, and services. From social media to blogs, there are a wide variety of avenues for marketers to explore when it comes to creating effective campaigns. But even with a number of opportunities for promotion, there’s still no guarantee that those promoted messages or content will perform for their target audiences. Enter: Data-driven copywriting.

Looking to level up the way you communicate with your customer? And communicate with them more effectively? Try leveraging data and analytics in your content to push performance and conversions through data-driven copywriting.

What is Data-Driven Copywriting?

So what exactly is data-driven copywriting? Copywriting is no longer considered immeasurable. With the progress in artificial intelligence technology nowadays, we have advanced ways of measuring the performance of text and how specific content resonates with specific audiences. And this is the core of data-driven copywriting. Using information from language processing models and Anyword’s history of working with some of the top publishers in the world is the ideal combination for an AI platform that knows what works and what converts.

What can data-driven copywriting solve?

  • Takes the guesswork out of creating marketing content.
  • Banish your writer’s block.
  • Saves time, manpower, and money creating copy and A/B testing.
  • And much more.

How Can You Incorporate Data Into Your Writing?

It’s not so much about incorporating data into your content than it is about using data to shape the content you use. From Google Analytics and SEMrush to AI writers, there are a myriad of tools and platforms that help marketers measure how well a specific piece of copy could perform after it has gone live. Data has the power to shape everything from your tone of voice, writing style, copy length, and angle. So, it’s in your best interest to consider taking an analytical approach next time you sit down to create content.

For a deeper dive into how to turn your copywriting into data-driven copywriting, check out our 5-step methodology here.

Anyword: The Data-Driven Copywriting Solution

And for the ultimate data-driven copywriting solution, turn to Anyword. Anyword’s AI Copywriting Platform hosts a number of different features and tools — from creating entire blog posts from scratch to writing effective social ad copy.

In addition to its creation tools, Anyword also provides exclusive predictions and audience analysis and insights.

Predictive Performance Scores

Along with each copy variation generated by Anyword using our data-driven copywriting tools, you’ll receive a unique Predictive Performance Score. These “grades” indicate its conversion and performance potential, so the higher the score on our platform, the more likely that piece of copy will perform well. And performance can mean different things based on what your campaign is optimizing for. Our Predictive Performance Scores can indicate the potential for higher conversions, more sales, or an increase in revenue. 

By using these scores as a guide for creating and selecting the right copy, you can have a good idea of how well your content will do before you even hit “Publish.”

data-driven copywriting

Find our Predictive Performance Scores on these applicable projects:

Score Panels

But that’s not all Anyword gives its users. If you hover over your Predictive Performance Score for a specific piece of copy, a Score Panel pops up. These panels show a whole collection of exclusive insights and analytics. 

With this panel, you’ll see:

  • How many copy variations we analyzed to generate your Predictive Performance Score.
  • Histograms showing the age and gender demographics of customers that might resonate with that ad.
  • Channel policy guidelines to check if your copy meets the requirements of your chosen platform.
  • Main emotions driving the copy.
  • What the copy communicates to the audience — Main offerings, features, pains, benefits, and CTAs.
data-driven copywriting

And if you make any changes to your copy, these insights will update automatically!

Continuous Optimization

Even for seasoned marketers and copywriters, taking on the task of creating and optimizing an entire landing page (or several) is no easy feat. It’s a challenge to figure out what copy to use, how to design your page, what the right messaging is. With so many moving parts and factors to consider, a lot of marketers want to throw in the towel.

Introducing Anyword’s Continuous Optimization feature.

Anyword’s Continuous Optimization feature, available to our Data-Driven Unlimited users, runs high-performing copy variations on your landing page or product page and shows the best combination to your audience.

The Continuous Optimization tool deploys several copy variations and learns which combination of header, product description, and CTA copy works best for each customer segment. This guarantees that you’re getting the right message in front of the right audience — every single time.

How does the tool work? You can set up Anyword’s Continuous Optimization with these easy steps:

  • Choose the AI-generated copy you’d like to test.
  • Embed a snippet of code onto your landing page.
  • From there, Anyword learns from your actual visitors and does all the heavy lifting for you. The algorithm will show the most successful combinations of copy for every traffic source and user type.

And on top of that, once your campaign is set live, you’ll have access to a performance dashboard, giving you access to each copy variation’s:

  • Expected conversion rate.
  • Probably to be the best.
  • Conversions and views served by Anyword.

With Anyword by your side automatically optimizing your site in real time, you can feel secure that the perfect copy is being sent out to your specific audience.

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