At Anyword, our marketing team doesn’t just promote our AI writing platform; they use it to create content every day. We caught up with Cortney Swartwood and Hannah Mallard to understand how Anyword has transformed their workflows and discover the features they can’t live without. Let’s dive in.

Meet our Marketing Managers

Cortney Swartwood and Hannah Mallard are central to Anyword’s marketing team, each with a unique focus. Cortney, our events expert, handles everything from planning the big day and picking out the coolest swag (like our hit coloring book) to writing email campaigns and social posts. Hannah runs our content calendar, filling her days with crafting engaging social media posts, blog entries, and newsletters.

Their Favorite Features

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At Anyword, we’ve developed tools that make it easier for our marketers to get more done and connect more deeply with their audiences. One of Cortney’s favorites is our Target Audience feature, which adjusts the language and focus of each piece of content based on the intended audience – in one click. “If I’m creating a post about a CMO Happy Hour we’re hosting, I can set the target audience to marketing leaders rather than copywriters, ensuring the content is tailored to the right people,” she explains.

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Our Chrome Extension has also become essential in Cortney’s workflow. “As any content writer knows, managing multiple documents for different pieces of content can be overwhelming. The Chrome extension has been a lifesaver. I can work directly in Google Docs and see Anyword’s suggested updates in real-time without needing to switch tabs.”

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For Hannah, the Predictive Performance Scores are crucial in gauging how well content will perform before it goes live. “Seeing a predictive score helps me decide which copy version to publish. It gives me confidence that we are pushing live the most engaging content since it’s backed by real-life marketing data,” she explains.

What truly sets Anyword apart from generic AI tools used for copywriting is its customization and collaboration capabilities. “Our whole team has access to the same workspace,” says Hannah. “We can all use the same Anyword brand voice, or different teams can create slightly different tones based on their goals. You can also use prompts and target audiences your coworkers have set up previously. And if you’re working on a piece of content collaboratively, you all have access to the same account and can build off of each other’s work within Anyword.” This not only streamlines content creation but also strengthens team dynamics. “It fosters a more efficient and cohesive work environment, ensuring every piece of content reflects our unique brand voice,” Hannah adds.

Reflecting on Their Journey with Anyword

Cortney and Hannah view Anyword not just as a tool but as a partner that enhances creativity and efficiency. With Anyword’s user-friendly platform and supportive Customer Success team, transitioning to AI-enhanced marketing is smooth and rewarding. From day one, marketers are equipped to elevate their content strategies, crafting messages that not only engage but also convert, all while saving significant time and resources.

Cortney reflects on how Anyword has changed her approach to content creation, “I know for sure my branding will be cohesive across all channels, and I don’t have to worry about different writing styles creeping in if one of my colleagues needs to write a piece of content. I feel more confident and spend less time tinkering with what I’ve written with Anyword.”

Hannah describes overcoming the initial challenge of mastering prompt engineering during her onboarding. “Crafting the perfect prompt isn’t as easy as it sounds,” she admits. “But with Anyword, once you have a prompt that works, you can save it and reuse it again and again for similar content pieces. This has cut my content creation time in half, allowing me to focus more on strategy and less on the mechanics of writing.”

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