Are you looking for ways to increase the performance of your AI writing? Look no further! Here at Anyword, we recently released our Performance Boost AI Integration – a Google Chrome extension to help you boost the quality and impact of your content!

With this integration, you can take advantage of Anyword’s powerful marketing capabilities (like smart Target Audiences, Brand Voice features, and your best performing messaging) everywhere you write! Now you can turn ChatGPT, Notion AI, or Canva into a performance marketing expert, who can craft on-brand copy, connect with your audience, and put performance first. 

In the coming paragraphs, I’ll take you through a few examples of how you can start leveraging this powerful integration immediately.

Let’s dive right in!

The Problem with ChatGPT and other LLMs

ChatGPT is an amazing tool for generating a bunch of copy, fast. But is it the right copy?

Does it speak a language your audience will connect with? Is it geared for performance and crushing your marketing goals? Does it even know anything about your brand, or what you’ve tried before? The short answer is: no.  

Here’s where Anyword’s integration comes in handy. Turn on your Brand Voice settings and key brand details – like tone of voice and brand rules –  are automatically included in your prompts to ensure the copy you generate is in line with your marketing strategy.

 a gif showing how to activate your brand voice in ChatGPT using Anyword's Performance Boost AI Integration
Adding your tone of voice and brand rules to your prompts teaches ChatGPT your brand voice

Will the copy perform?

Once you activate your brand voice, you’ll have ChatGPT speaking to your audiences, adhering to your brand rules, and generating content with an eye on performance. But how do you know how effective the copy will be? Will it perform? How can you tell?

As you know, ChatGPT has no way to objectively score copy variations. But now it does! With Anyword’s Performance Boost AI Integration, you can now see predictive performance scores for ChatGPT, Notion, and Canva. You no longer need to guess the effectiveness of your copy, but actually know based on AI trained on over 2 billion marketing data points.

an image showing Anyword's predictive performance analytics and scores in ChatGPT

Having the ability to put a score on the copy ChatGPT generates is not the answer to all your problems. But it does help you understand which copy variations will perform better.

How to use brand & performance data (i.e. How to be a Performance Writer)

Let’s take a look at 3 examples of how to put all of this into action. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to use your brand and performance data to write on-brand copy that performs, no matter where you write with Anyword’s Performance Boost AI Integration.

How to Create High-Performing Ad Copy on ChatGPT

TL;DR Take these steps (see the illustration and more details below)

  • Setup: Create 3 variations of Facebook Ad copy based on the following information:
  • Launch Performance Boost by clicking the Anyword “a” next to the prompt window and click “advanced”
  • Select Messaging Bank, and insert “Product Description” 
  • Insert your Target Audience of choice
  • Insert 3 High-Performing Talking Points
  • Hit generate and watch performance-optimized copy appear
 a gif showing how to use add your brand voice, messaging, and target audiences to ChatGPT using Anyword's Performance Boost AI Integration

The first step is to clearly begin your prompt, setting up the way in which ChatGPT will write. I’m simply asking ChatGPT to create 3 variations of Facebook Ad copy based on “…the following information.” 

Next, let’s launch Anyword’s Performance Boost Integration, choose advanced settings, and select the Messaging Bank. This is where you can find key brand information, including company and product descriptions, or any other saved copy from your Anyword account. It’s important to share this key info with ChatGPT, so click through to add a product description, and head back to the main menu to select your target audience for this campaign. 

Now let’s tie this copy to actual performance. Back on the advanced menu, you can find High-Performing Talking Points from your connected channels. So if your team has connected your Meta Ads account to Anyword, you can see those phrases, words, and messaging that resonate best with your audience. Including these will make your copy truly irresistible (as your previous performance shows!).

Now just submit your prompt to ChatGPT, and it delivers much more detailed and performance-oriented copy that speaks about your solution directly to your target audience (e.g. CMOs), including the magic words that resonate most deeply with them.

Data-Driven Campaign Planning on Notion

TL;DR Take these steps (and see the illustration and more details below)

  • Setup: Initiate Notion AI and begin your prompt like this: Create a campaign plan based on the following information:
  • Launch Performance Boost and choose advanced settings (this section should be familiar!)
  • Select Messaging Bank, and insert “Product Description” 
  • Insert your Target Audience for this campaign
  • Return to your prompt and specify the channels in your campaign: “Include the following channels in the campaign plan – Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Organic Social, Instagram Post Caption, Landing Page, Blog Post, email, etc.
  • Hit generate and watch your campaign plan appear
 a gif showing how to use Anyword's Performance Boost AI Integration in Notion

Much like with ChatGPT, you have to begin by giving NotionAI a direction. So the first thing to enter is: “Write a campaign plan based on the following information:”

Launching the Performance Boost AI Integration, you can easily snag your product description and target audience from the Messaging Bank and Target Audiences. 

One additional direction to share with the AI: Which channels are included in this campaign? Once all this information is entered, you’re ready to hit generate and Notion AI can now write a plan with all the relevant knowledge Anyword has on your brand, messaging, and performance. 

Bonus points

The beauty of creating within Notion is the ability to drill down and write the copy for your campaign right inside your plan.

How to optimize image text on Canva

Copy doesn’t just exist in posts… It’s also inside your images. Your audience is reading those words too. Here’s a quick how to that will help you boost the performance of your visual assets by improving headline copy.

TL;DR Take these steps (and see the illustration and more details below)

  • Select the copy inside your image
  • Click the ‘Performance Boost’ icon to score your existing copy and generate higher-scoring variations. (Change the content type to Landing Page Headline for best results in this case)
  • Review the variations, if you don’t see one you like, click ‘Show more results’’
  • Select the variation you want to use, and it will replace the highlighted text automatically
  • Publish your new visual asset with high-performing copy, backed by real marketing data

Powerful templates for even sharper results

And for your most frequently used platforms and channels, you can rely on Anyword’s powerful templates to generate Marketing prompts that get you copy that’s connected to your marketing goals every time.

Getting the most out of Anyword’s Performance Boost AI Integration

The best way to get the most out of Anyword’s integration is to have a fully built Anyword Business account. That means your existing channels are training Anyword on your brand, highlighting copy performance and your best performing messaging. 

Ensure your Brand Voice section is well defined. The sharper your messaging bank and brand rules are, the more powerful your copy will be. 

Set up your target audiences – pro-tip – if you’re struggling with this, use your website URL and Anyword will automatically suggest target audiences you can save to your account and use within the Chrome extension.


This technology is so new, there is no set way to use it. You know what that means: Try, explore, play, and push the boundaries.

Tag us on LinkedIn and tell us what’s working best for you, what we can improve, and how other people can learn from your success to become true performance writers.

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