More than a billion marketing messages are created every day across digital channels, but it’s still a guessing game when it comes to understanding which message is effective — and why.

Today’s state of the art AI can generate more than a thousand variations of one specific tweet, but selecting the right one continues to be a challenge. In just a few years, it’s likely that AI generated content will become the new norm. And so, Anyword is here to empower creative marketers to add data to their toolbox by providing predictive metrics and insights into which part of the message works and for whom.

Today, I am more than happy to announce that we have successfully raised our Series B funding round of $21 million! After months of preparations and a lot of hard work from our team, we’re eager to share this exciting news with the world. 

What started as using Natural Language Processing to help build smarter audiences has turned into a successful predictive model that goes far beyond just creating copy. 

Since our launch back in March 2021, we’ve grown on average 40% MoM — and this is just the beginning. With this round, we have three main goals in mind. Let’s dive in.

Expanding Our Platform And Building New Features

Thanks to our world-class team and users’ feedback, we’ve filled our pipeline with a bunch of ideas and feature requests that can help make our platform even more useful for our customers. Our top priority remains building out our AI copywriting tool with top-notch features and functions that allow users to get the best possible results — whether that be lifted conversions or an increase in sales.   

Growing Our Team

More features means more hands on deck. For the last few months, we’ve been working on hiring new talent across all of our teams. And now with our Series B complete, we plan on ramping up our recruiting efforts even more. Whether it be for Product or Engineering, Anyword plans on expanding all teams within the next year so we can crank out exciting new features, updates, and benefits for our customers.


Onboarding More Marketers And Publishers

With new features and updates to come, we also have our sights set on expanding our customer base even more. Onboarding more marketers and publishers onto our platform is a core part of our growth plan, and with more resources and features at our fingertips, our team can steadily boost our number of customers in the coming weeks and months.

And So Much More

While we may have our focus on these three main goals, here at Anyword, we’re truly just getting started. I’m so proud of all that we have accomplished so far, and this is just a crack in the surface of what we can push out into the world. Today, we celebrate this incredible milestone for the Anyword team. Tomorrow, we continue to change the landscape of content marketing.

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