Marketers and copywriters alike push out hundreds of pieces of content, but sometimes only a select few actually perform well once published. When it comes to running effective campaigns, it’s often not enough to create content, go live, and hope for the best. But what if we told you that there was a way to know how well a piece of copy will perform before you even send it out into the world? With Anyword, this is very much possible. Here, we’ll explore the power of Anyword’s analytics and scoring capabilities.

Anyword: Your Intro to Data-Driven Copywriting

But before we get right into it, let’s first talk about data-driven copywriting, and how Anyword is a leading AI platform for marketers.

Data-driven copywriting can help solve a myriad of pains for marketers and content creators. Not enough time to write your copy? Battling writer’s block? Don’t know what will resonate with your audience? These are all problems that we run into on a daily basis — and problems that data can help fix. With the power of data-backed copy, you can:

  • Take the guesswork out of copywriting.
  • Banish writer’s block.
  • Save time and money creating copy.
  • And so much more.

And how does Anyword fit into all of this? Over the past seven years, Anyword’s AI studied the performance of millions of different marketing assets from leading brands. This is how Anyword’s platform knows what works and what converts. Thanks to Anyword’s data-driven copywriting platform, writing quality (and effective) marketing copy is no longer a shot in the dark.

Use Predictive Performance Scores for Smarter Copy Decisions

So, just how does Anyword’s AI writer translate this insights database for practical use? Enter: Anyword’s Predictive Performance Score. With the unique Predictive Performance Scores, you’ll know how well your copy will perform, before you even go live. These scores grade your copy variations based on their performance and conversion potential — so the more likely a piece of content is to bring in sales, the higher your score will be.

Where Can You See Predictive Performance Scores?

Anyword’s Predictive Performance Scores are available for all copy generated using our data-driven copywriting tools. This includes:

Additionally, you can also find Predictive Performance Scores in our blog project, but only on AI-generated headlines and introduction paragraphs. All of Anyword’s Data-Driven plans include access to our Predictive Performance Scores and Score Panels, which we’ll dive into in our next section.

Score Panels: Dive Deep Into Each Piece of Copy

So, along with your unique Predictive Performance Score, you’ll also receive a Score Panel with each piece of copy. If you hover over the score, the panel will pop up — giving you a myriad of different insights on that content.

With this panel, you’ll see:

  • How many copy variations we analyzed to generate your Predictive Performance Score.
  • Histograms showing the age and gender demographics of customers that might resonate with that ad.
  • Channel policy guidelines to check if your copy meets the requirements of your chosen platform.
  • Main emotions driving the copy.
  • What the copy communicates to the audience — Main offerings, features, pains, benefits, and CTAs.

To top it off, these insights update immediately if you decide to make any changes to your copy.

The Impact of Anyword’s Predictive Scoring & Analytics

So, we have all of this data and information at our fingertips — but how will it affect our campaigns in the long run? By using Anyword’s Predictive Performance Score and Score Panel insights, marketers can start making better-informed copy decisions for their campaigns. 

Marketers looking to spread the word about their product or service should have a clear idea of who it is that they are selling to. And with Anyword’s scoring system and audience/demographic insights, you can select the copy that you know will target that specific audience. Make guesswork a thing of the past and start building marketing assets guaranteed to perform.

Anyword is here to help marketers improve any and all of their conversion metrics using our AI writer backed by real-world data.

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