Just as not all copywriters are built the same, not all types of copywriting are built the same. Any industry has its own set of niches that those within that industry can choose from. And the copywriting industry is no exception. Professional copywriters can choose to focus on one or several different areas, whether that be social media copywriting or article writing. Here, we’ll clarify some of the most common copywriting niches and how each holds their own importance.

What is Copywriting Niche?

Copywriting niches are no different from any other niche. In short: a copywriting niche is a specialization. The niche you focus on as a copywriter depends on what you’re passionate about — and what you’re an expert on. Much like novelists focus on specific genres (horror, romance, literary fiction, etc.), copywriters decide what area of copywriting they want to work in. 

What Kinds of Copywriting Niches Are Out There?

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a specialized form of writing with a single goal: to help website owners rank well in search engines. By using words and phrases that are associated with higher search engine rankings, SEO copywriters can help their clients’ websites gain more traffic from search engines like Google. However, SEO is not just about keywords; it’s also about offering quality content to your audience and using language that will convert.

Digital Marketing Copywriting

Written for paid search ads and landing pages, digital marketing copywriting is focusing on writing the best marketing copy, whether it’s for your websites, emails, social ads, or meta descriptions. This type of copywriting emphasizes keyword choices, value propositions, button text, ad titles and descriptions, heading structure, and more.


Do you have a book inside you but just can’t seem to get it out? That’s where ghostwriting comes in. Ghostwriters help get ideas and information on paper — or in digital form, depending on your preferences. So, if you need help putting words together and do not want to write about yourself, hiring a ghostwriter is a great way to have your voice heard by your audience or customers.

Blog and Article Copywriting

Blog or article copywriters must write good content for any type of audience, but more often than not, these writers specialize in some sort of niche topic. Generally speaking, these writers are good at researching their topics and communicating with readers, both essential skills for a great blogger or writer.

Different Niches, Different Copywriters

There are a lot of different niches out there, and so there’s a lot to consider when thinking about starting a copywriting business. Every industry and niche has its own language, design style, tone, information needs and goals — and your ability to create effective copy for these varied purposes depends on your understanding.

Advertising Copywriter

The advertising copywriter is responsible for writing print and digital ad campaigns. Advertising copywriters must be able to write compelling headlines, engaging text, and choose interesting images. They work in large agencies or sometimes directly with companies that need ads created for their products or services.

UX Copywriter

The user experience copywriter is responsible for crafting content that users want to read and use. Good UX copywriting should clearly describe how an application will help users achieve their goals or fill a need in their lives, rather than simply focusing on product features. 

Digital Copywriter

A digital copywriter focuses on creating content for websites and blogs. To be an effective digital copywriter, they must have a deep understanding of user psychology and website design. They produce optimized content that is valuable to site visitors without being salesy or clunky—and they make sure it includes calls-to-action that will bring visitors back to your website or product page.

E-Commerce Copywriters

These copywriters focus on e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, eBay, and other retailers. They are used to persuade customers to make a purchase based on whatever reasons they deem necessary, whether it’s quality, price, or customer reviews. However, not all commerce copywriters write for consumers. Some copywriters specialize in B2B commerce writing, which means they are selling products directly to other businesses. This type of copywriting requires a different skill set.

Real Estate Copywriter

Real estate copywriters specialize in creating sales letters, ad materials, brochures and more for real estate agents. As a copywriter, you may also be able to help realtors create branded content, like websites or blogs that promote their services.

SaaS Copywriter

A SaaS copywriter is an expert in software-as-a-service, or SaaS. Their goal is to help businesses market their cloud software and convince potential clients that it’s a good investment. Typically, a SaaS copywriter focuses on how SaaS can be used to solve specific business problems like streamlining workflow or giving customers real-time access to data. This copywriting niche typically falls under the B2B SaaS category. 

Sales Copywriter

A sales copywriter is someone who writes copy that’s designed to sell a product or service. In addition to crafting excellent sales copy, a sales copywriter must also have knowledge about SEO and an understanding of how keywords can improve your click-through rates (and therefore, your revenues).

Brand Copywriter 

Brand copywriters specialize in helping companies develop their brand’s voice. They are especially skilled at helping customers connect with a brand on an emotional level, producing copy that is relatable and memorable. This kind of copywriter might work at a big agency or a boutique firm, in-house, or as an independent contractor. 

Beauty and Fashion Copywriter 

A beauty or fashion copywriter is a great asset to have on your team if you’re an online retailer, especially one that sells makeup or skincare products or clothes. These copywriters know their craft well, and they can accurately and persuasively describe a product’s benefits. A fashion and beauty copywriter should also have a strong knowledge of how to properly use CTA and catchy sales language that feels natural to the specific brand.

Financial Copywriter 

A financial copywriter specializes in creating written content for everything from start-up companies to emerging tech and cryptocurrencies. While this type of copywriting centers around a subject that’s on the dryer side, financial copywriters should know how to drive the hard sale and get right to the point. There’s very little fluff in financial copywriting.

SEO Copywriter

SEO copywriters will do research on key words and create content that generates interest for their client’s target audience. Using keywords effectively in your copy is critical to running successful SEO content. 

Anyword: All Copywriters Rolled Into One

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