What if you could instantly tell Anyword whether you like or dislike the content generated & add specific instructions to your prompts accordingly? We’re thrilled to introduce our new prompt personalization feature – designed to make your content creation process smoother, more efficient, and perfectly aligned with your individual voice.

How does prompt personalization work?

In a nutshell, prompt personalization is your direct line of communication with Anyword’s AI. Here’s how it works:

  1. Rate Your Copy Variations: Once you generate new content variations, you can provide feedback and rate in real time. Simply let Anyword know which variations you liked (👍) and which ones you didn’t (👎).

2. Tell Us Why (Optional): If you didn’t like a copy variation, please provide us with more information.

3. We Learn and Adopt: Anyword learns from your feedback. In most cases, after five positive or negative ratings you’ll enable the ‘Personalize’ button inside the prompt to personalize the prompt to your style. With more ratings, we’ll be able to provide you with more personalized prompts.

4. Personalize & Perfect your Prompts: Click the ‘personalize’ button inside Anyword’s prompt and Anyword will automatically append specific instructions to the prompt based on the copies you like and dislike.

With our new prompt personalization feature, we’re bringing you closer to your ideal content, faster and with less effort. Using your feedback, we can improve our AI’s ability to adapt prompts to your specific needs. Explore this new feature today.

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