6 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Any Marketing-Specific GenAI Tool

The GenAI landscape is evolving at lightning speed — especially for marketing teams. While it might be impossible to learn the specs of every new GenAI tool (there are over 9000 just for marketers!), you can train yourself and your team to ask smart questions when looking for a secure solution that delivers results.

At Anyword, our work with over 1,000,000 marketers has given us a behind-the-scenes look at what really matters when choosing a marketing-specific GenAI tool. Here are the top 6 most important questions to ask when evaluating a new tool.

1. How compatible is the tool with your existing systems and workflows?

Adopting new technology shouldn’t mean overhauling your entire marketing operation. Make a list of your current marketing stack, including your CMS, CRM, ad platforms, social channels, writing tools, project management software, and more. Understand which tools your new AI solution needs to integrate with, whether via direct integration, browser extension, or other connection. The ideal GenAI tool will complement your existing workflows, not disrupt them.

2. What data powers the AI, and how well does it understand your brand?

Generic AI tools are often trained on broad, general data sets, which can lead to outputs that fail at producing industry-specific language, targeted messaging, and brand voice. Ask: was this tool purpose-built for marketers? Or is it a generic chat-based tool being marketed to marketers? Seek solutions that utilize training data tailored for marketing specifically. Ask if the tool can learn the nuances of brand guidelines, buyer personas, content templates, and authentic tone. Maintaining a consistent, on-brand experience across all communication channels shouldn’t be compromised just because you are using generative AI.

3. Will this tool provide performance data and insights?

Merely creating more content is not enough; you need to know if your GenAI-driven campaigns are actually driving results. Look for solutions that offer robust performance tracking and insights across channels. The ability to identify top-performing messaging, optimize website content, and benchmark against past campaigns is crucial for determining the ROI of your campaigns (and for evaluating the ROI of the tool itself.)

4. What level of customization and control does the tool offer? 

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely meet the unique needs of marketing teams. Seek out tools that allow for deep customization, including options for private models, bespoke training, and custom brand rule creation. With so many different needs to support across marketing – from Demand Gen to Content to Ops – your team may be best served by using multiple AI tools for different purposes, rather than forcing a single tool to handle every task. The more you can fine-tune your team’s GenAI engine, the better it will deliver on one of the key promises of GenAI: a more productive and efficient team.

5. How easy is the tool for your team to learn and adopt?

Even the most powerful GenAI is useless if your team can’t effectively wield it. Evaluate ease-of-use, training resources, prompt-building guidance, and onboarding support for any GenAI tool. How quickly will your current (and future) team members be able to make full use of all the functionality? The best tools should offer white-glove onboarding for enterprise accounts like yours, just like the best SaaS tools out there.

6. How does the tool prioritize data security, compliance, and privacy?

It goes without saying: security, privacy, and compliance can be dealbreakers when it comes to using GenAI in an enterprise. Any GenAI company working with enterprises should have security top-of-mind, as well. Look for a solution that complies with key security standards like SOC 2 and ISO, offers secure access with a dedicated SSO for your organization, and provides full license and role management. The vendor should also actively monitor their system for downtime and threats. Solutions that offer Private Models with bespoke fine-tuning hosted on a dedicated server can further enhance data privacy. Implementing a solution that prioritizes these data security, compliance, and privacy measures will enable your team to protect customer data and mitigate risks — all while safely leveraging the efficiency and speed GenAI can help deliver.

Unleash the Power of GenAI for Your Marketing Team

Adopting the right GenAI tool is crucial for marketing teams to fully leverage this game-changing technology. By carefully evaluating compatibility, brand alignment, performance tracking, customization, and ease of use, CMOs can navigate the crowded GenAI landscape and select a solution that drives real business impact without compromising productivity or brand identity.

At Anyword, we’ve built our platform specifically for marketing professionals. Our solution offers seamless integration with existing systems, robust brand alignment capabilities, extensive performance tracking, flexible customization options, and a user-friendly interface backed by comprehensive training resources. With Anyword, you can confidently harness the power of GenAI to elevate your marketing strategy and achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your team’s successful GenAI adoption journey.

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